Purpose Statement

The purpose of the MAF Canada scholarship fund is to recognize Canadian post-secondary students preparing for a full-time career in mission aviation who plan to use those skills overseas upon completion of all required training.


The MAF Canada scholarship is open to all Canadian students whose personal vocational goals mirror those stated in the Purpose Statement above, and who meet the following requirements:


  • Applicants must be Canadian citizens or be landed immigrants.

Educational Requirements

  • Applicants must have successfully completed at least one year of Bible School.

Vocational Requirements

  • Applicants must possess either of the following:
      (Pilot) private license
    • (AME) all required courses completed.

Financial Assistance

  • Preference will be given to applicants with a demonstrated financial need.

Christian Life and Ministry

  • Applicants should be able to demonstrate a discernible call to full-time missions as attested by others.
  • Applicants must have a proven history of involvement in their local church and community.
  • Applicants must be able to demonstrate a Christian lifestyle and adherence to MAF Canada’s Statement of Faith.
Applicants must be Canadian citizens or be landed immigrants.

Application Guidelines

Applications must be received between September 1 and March 31 only.

A student may benefit from a scholarship only once, however unsuccessful applicants may reapply in subsequent years.

Submission Format

Applicants must prepare a minimum two-page essay which fully communicates their personal ministry goals and objectives with regards to a vocation in mission aviation.

The essay should include all information required to assess the applicants Christian Life and Ministry as outlined above.

The essay should accompany a transcript of the applicants most recent grades, a copy of their vocational certification, and a reference from their pastor or a senior church official to whom they reported while participating in church ministry or community outreach.

Mail all applications to:
Scholarship Fund Committee
Mission Aviation Fellowship of Canada
102-195 Hanlon Creek Blvd.
Guelph, ON N1C 0A1


Scholarship winners will be notified on or before May 31.

Donate to the MAF Scholarship Fund

To donate to the MAF Canada Scholarship Fund, please forward your cheque (made payable to MAF Canada) to:

Mission Aviation Fellowship of Canada
ATTN: Scholarship Fund
102-195 Hanlon Creek Blvd.
Guelph, ON N1C 0A1

(please write “Scholarship Fund” in the notes section)

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Past Scholarship recipients


Ethan Cymbaluk

Ethan has been able to see God’s provision for him as he has sought to follow the scriptural command to “go and make disciples of all nations.” Toward that end, he is undergoing training at Prairie Aviation Training Centre to equip himself for mission aviation service. His opportunities for service at his home church and a short-term mission trip to Columbia have strengthened his desire to serve people as Jesus did. As he completes his training, he is anticipating the opportunities he will have for service to others as a missionary pilot.

Naomi Froese

Naomi never remembers a time when she wasn’t interested in stories of what God was accomplishing through missionaries around the world. This was foundational to her own desire to serve. She was excited to learn about the possibility of doing this through mission aviation, and felt God leading her toward training at the Prairie Aviation Training Centre. She is not sure yet where God will be moving her after completion of her training, but is confident that He will supply what she needs and will allow her to serve Him with what she has.


Amilia Fehr

Amilia thought that her aviation future would be at a local fixed base operation in Canada until she felt a distinct nudge from God to consider mission service at a Prairie Global Connections conference. This was confirmed to her after a short term trip to Kenya and Uganda observing mission aviation first-hand. Since that time, she has continued her training at the Prairie Aviation Training Centre.

In the meantime, she continues to serve in her local community, working with a variety of people. After her training is completed she is hoping to returning to Africa to fly, but is open to serve wherever God will lead her.

Nathaniel Marples

Nate had the opportunity to experience mission aviation up close while growing up in Papua New Guinea. He saw his father and other MAF pilots serving people in remote communities and saw the impact that they could have on the lives of needy people. Nate hopes to be involved bringing the gospel to spiritually and physically isolated people using aviation, and is completing technical training at Prairie Aviation Training Centre to gain the necessary qualifications.

When he has completed his flight training, he is hoping to serve as a MAF pilot in a place where he can further God’s Kingdom and glorify Him.

Aidan Garcia Sadler

Growing up in a Christian family gave Aidan a foundation in the Word of God, but it wasn’t until he started university that he embraced the free gift of salvation and truly began to be a follower of Jesus. He initially began studies towards a church pulpit or Bible translation, as a direction to serve God. After contact with several people serving with MAF, he realized that being a missionary pilot would be a great way to combine his desire to serve the Lord and his love for aviation.

Aidan is undergoing flight training at the Prairie Aviation Training Centre and has recently completed his commercial pilot flight test. He has been amazed to see God’s provision for him, and hopes to be useful to Him wherever he is asked to serve.


Braden Thompson

From the first time he flew in an aircraft, Braden knew this was where he was meant to be. After high school, he determined that he would go to Prairie College, despite not having the funding in place to do so, trusting that God would provide for him. Now completing his final few months of training at Prairie, he has experienced God’s provision. As he prepares to move into the next phase,

Braden has a desire to help people around the world, share God’s word, and do so by means of aviation, at whatever location that might be.

Mitchell Wierenga

Mitchell was fascinated with aviation from a very young age. Having been raised by Christian parents who encouraged him to “example” the love of Christ, and having read about the life of MAF pilot Nate Saint, Mitchell determined that God was calling him into mission aviation. After completing his private pilot’s licence through the Air Cadets, he was determined to attend Prairie College and complete the mission aviation program.

After he completes his commercial pilot licence and instrument rating, he is considering getting maintenance engineer qualifications as well, so that he can be “a more versatile tool in God’s hand.”


Tobin Deering

Tobin grew up surrounded by aircraft in a mission aviation setting. Having occasions to fly in MAF aircraft with his father, he saw that the aircraft was an important lifeline for many people in Papua New Guinea. He also started to develop a love for aircraft and service to others. Relying on God to provide a pathway into aviation, he enrolled at Prairie College to complete his training.

After this is complete, Tobin wants to be a witness to the love of Christ and be “the hands and feet of God” in whatever mission field God leads him to.

Hee Mann Shin

Hee Mann has had a long-term interest in missions, but then learned about the possibility of service in a missions aviation role. He felt that training at Prairie College would equip him well to that end. After completing his AAMA, Hee Mann returned to the BC lower mainland and has commenced work as a flight instructor to build his flight experience.

After he acquires the required experience and qualifications, Hee Mann is hoping to use his aviation skills to serve people who are in need and are hungry for Jesus’ salvation.

Reuben Vermeulen

From a young age, Reuben had an interest in aviation, but this was fanned into flame in 2007. During a MAF open house event in Guelph, he was able to ride along on a short flight and learn about the work that MAF was doing around the world. From this time onward, Reuben sensed that this was a work that God was leading him into. Another contact with a former MAF pilot introduced him to Prairie College, and Reuben enrolled in the AAMA program in faith, knowing that God had a plan for him. After finishing his training, Reuben will continue stepping down the path that God leads him down, as he sets his heart on service in mission aviation.


Kristen Dewald

Growing up in a Christian home, Kristen desired to serve the Lord wholeheartedly in whatever she did. Post-secondary studies at Vanguard College introduced her to the world of missions. After enrolling at Prairie College, she felt a prompting towards mission aviation, as she considered what God might have for her. Kristen is presently completing her second year in the mission aviation program there. Upon completion, she desires to use the aviation skills and abilities she has learned to bring the gospel and humanitarian aid to the developing world.

Matthew Marples

Matthew knows about mission aviation first hand, because he is part of a family who has been serving with MAF for many years in Papua New Guinea. Growing up, he has had opportunities to fly with his father and see the impact that could be made in local communities by MAF. He felt very strongly in his senior high school year that God wanted him to be an “agent of hope,” a pilot who could help make a difference in the life of missionaries and rural community people. Matthew is presently completing his training at Prairie College, and will continue to prepare for service where God will lead him.

Zachary Stauffer

In his youth, Zachary thought that his purpose in life was to grow up to be a cowboy, until a farm neighbor asked him if he had ever thought of being a pilot. Although it was some years after that before he actively pursued aviation training, he felt that from that point, God was preparing him to serve. A short term stint with YWAM in India cemented his desire to bring “hope to the hopeless”. Completion of his aviation training, and gaining some flight experience are Zachary’s planned next steps, as he seeks to prepare himself for service with MAF.

Andrew Stutzman

Andrew grew up on a farm outside of Guelph, Ontario. From a young age, he has been interested in anything that flew. After high school, he completed aircraft maintenance training at Canadore college, and then spent a few years in the industry performing maintenance and achieving his M1 engineering licence. Andrew had a desire to serve in mission aviation, and the logical next step was pilot training at Prairie College. After completion of aviation studies, Andrew wants to use his skills as a pilot and engineer with a mission organization that will allow him to fulfil the call of Christ on his life.


Brett Kroeker

Born in Manitoba, Brett left the farm after high school and attended schools in New Zealand and Mexico. He traveled extensively after this time, and felt led to consider missions aviation as a direction for service, although he had no knowledge of organisations like MAF. Recently Brett completed the theory and practical exams for his commercial pilot licence. He intends to complete an instrument rating soon, so that he can use his aviation skills to make a difference in the lives of needy people in other countries.

Marten Veenstra

As a teenager Marten attended the Prairie School of Mission Aviation (PSMA) flight camp, and determined that he wanted to become involved in mission aviation. After graduation from high school, he completed an Associate of Arts in mission aviation from PSMA in 2012 and received a commercial pilot licence and multi-engine instrument rating. Marten will soon be completing training at SAIT polytechnic towards qualification as an aircraft maintenance specialist. This will give him the skills he needs to be a mission pilot/mechanic, able to serve remote communities if far-away places.


Derek McDonald

From very early on in his Christian walk, Derek has had a deep desire to do missions work among the lost and isolated people in our world. He has seen God’s hand opening up many doors as he continues to pursue this dream. Originally from Ontario, Derek has lived and moved throughout Canada. After graduating from Millar College of the Bible, Derek went back to Bala, ON, where he currently lives.

Derek holds a private pilot’s licence.

Matthew Price

Born in the United Kingdom, Matthew had a early dream of becoming a pilot with the RAF. After moving to Canada in 2001 and later attending Capenwray Bible College, M