“What does it take?”

When most people ask this question, they’re asking about the basics; How many hours do I need? What licenses must I hold? What kind of experience must I have?

Important questions for sure, and generally a good place to start. But these questions do little to address the real question that matters most:

“Am I truly called?”

To help answer this question, consider that first and foremost, MAF is looking for…

  • People called by God; qualified, dedicated Christians with a passion to serve God in worldwide ministry…
  • People who will go the distance to share God’s love – no matter what the barriers may be…
  • People who want to serve God through their skills and talents to help overcome barriers to the Gospel…
  • People with servant’s attitudes that are flexible enough to adapt, while still able to work within the highest technical standards…

Still not sure if you are really called to serve with MAF?

Read our Steps into Service guide that will provide you with information you can put into practice today!

In case you missed the recurring theme, let’s sum it up; above all else, it takes a servant heart first.

In fact, without the support of those “servant hearts” who have gone before, Mission Aviation Fellowship would not be where it is today: advancing God’s Kingdom around the world since 1946.

If you’re still curious to discover if you “have what it takes,” then click on one of these links to learn more.


Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Avionics Technician

Information Technologist


Business and Finance Administrator

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Think you’re ready to begin? View our Steps into Service guide.

General Requirements for MAF Applicants

We’re missionaries first. In addition to any specific technical qualifications that may
be required, we also require that all applicants and their spouses (if applicable) . . .

Have growing, personal relationships with Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, including a certain amount of Bible training

Have personal commitments to serve cross-culturally based on a clear understanding of God’s command to make disciples of all nations and serve those in need

Be team players
with servant hearts

Be affirmed by other mature Christians of their spiritual maturity and suitability for missionary service

Have a history of active involvement in a local church and/or Christian service

Be in good health, possessing physical stamina, and perseverance

Be willing and able to help raise financial support for MAF programs and present the ministry of MAF wherever possible (after acceptance, MAF will train you on partnership development)

Be Canadian citizens and/or Canadian residents. If married, at least one of you must be a Canadian citizen. If neither of you are Canadian citizens, please contact the MAF support country nearest you (click here for a full listing or contact us toll-free at: 1.877.351.9344)

A word or two about the process of applying for an overseas posting:

Considering a career with MAF isn’t like changing jobs here in Canada.

The very nature of our work, and the places where we minister, require that all our candidates be qualified and up to the task. As a result, the process involved in applying with MAF as a career missionary can be a long one, so patience is a must.

But if you’re serious about joining, this is a good place to start.

First, in case you missed them, please take a moment to read our minimum standards and requirements for overseas service found above. This list is by no means comprehensive, but is designed to help you recognize if a career with MAF is right for you.

If MAF is still where you want to be, let us know of your area of interest and qualifications, by completing a simple introductory questionnaire that gives us a chance to get to know you.

To begin the application process, simply click on the appropriate link above, or speak with an MAF recruiter by calling our national office toll-free during regular business hours at: 1.877.351.9344.

Please note that to join MAF-Canada, you must be a Canadian citizen and/or a permanent resident of Canada.

IF YOU ARE NOT A CANADIAN CITIZEN and have reached this site from a country other than Canada but are still interested in pursuing a career with MAF, contact the MAF office nearest you (click here for a full listing).

Additionally, before beginning the application process, you should click here to review our Statement of Faith.