Provide an entire classroom with a full suite of education tools that can fit in the palm of your hand!

MAF already has access to thousands of communities in hundreds of isolated locations around the world; places where there are no roads let alone access to the internet and the knowledge it can hold.

The villages and communities we serve are home to thousands of children; many of whom have never read a text-book in their own language, let alone a web page. We want to maximize the access we already have, by providing as many of them as possible with access to the information so many of us take for granted – the kind of information that can foster a desire to learn, and create a better future.

Built on the revolutionary Raspberry Pi, this “classroom in the palm of your hand” provides a full K-12 curriculum, practical skills training, such as computer use, and also includes a full range of educational multi-media materials. It also gives teachers access to world class teaching materials, all without the need for an internet connection.

What’s more, a specially developed MAF module will be loaded on each device including offline versions of the Bible as well as the Jesus film in the local language, and other Bible study tools including David Mainse’s 100 Words Bible study  designed to help young people develop and deepen their relationship with God.

Each MAF “Classroom in a Box” consists of the following:

  • 2x Raspberry Pi v3 (the palm-sized computer)
  • 2x Raspberry Pi v3 cases
  • 2x 128 GB Micro SD cards pre-loaded with educational materials
  • 15x handheld tablets
  • 15x headsets

…For a total cost of just under $5,000 Canadian that includes delivery, set-up, training, and ongoing support.

My Donation to the MAF Classroom in a Box Fund

MAF’s Rachel Pi Classroom in a Box Fund will provide entire classrooms in remote and isolated communities with offline access to Bible lessons, language studies, math, geography, history, science and so much more.

2017 Fund Need:


Consider providing for an entire classroom with a gift of $5,000, or one or more of the components as follows:

  • $272 for 2 complete palm-sized computers (includes 2 of each Raspberry Pi3, case, and SD card)
  • $140 (single tablet)
  • $30 (single headset)
  • $350 (advance setup and customization of classroom in local language)
  • $490 (training of local teacher)
  • $490 (ongoing support)

Click Here to Watch the MAF Classroom-in-a-Box Promotional Video

What’s in the box? (click on each to learn more)

Micro SD Card

USB Charger

Android Tablets

Rugged Travel Case

Head Phones

Micro Computer

Computer Case

(Please note, although the Raspberry Pi is rugged with no moving parts or fans, and is uniquely suited to unfriendly climates, with the remote locations served by this program and the harsh environmental conditions that will exist, each MAF Classroom in a Box contains a duplicate set of computer components in order to provide redundancy in the event that one fails).