We go where others can’t or won’t.

Real “uttermost parts of the earth” stuff.

We do it because we believe that no one is beyond the reach of God’s love.

In fact, we believe it so much,
that in 2018 alone, MAF…









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100 medical safari flights in Madagascar

In 2018, MAF carried out their 100th Medical Safari in Madagascar. Patients, including a little girl called Liny received surgery. She had a tumour the size of a grapefruit removed.

Doctors, nurses, medical supplies and equipment including an ultrasound machine were all loaded onto the plane for the flight. Waiting for […]

Building bridges in South Sudan

CAFOD and sister agency, Trócaire, both have a long history of working in South Sudan through church and non-church partners who support vulnerable people in communities.

CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) and its sister agency, Trócaire, both have a long history of working in South Sudan through church and non-church […]

A Veggie Tale

Missionaries working in remote areas of South Sudan don’t have easy access to basic food items such as vegetables, fruit and eggs. So once a month, MAF flies the veggie run, bringing a healthier diet to AIM missionaries living along the route of the eastern shuttle.

‘In April 2017 our Laarim […]

Healing wounds

MAF passengers in South Sudan have been training church leaders to become agents of healing and promotors of peace through Biblical principles of healing, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Unlike other Nilotic peoples in the Upper Nile, whose economies are based on raising cattle, the Anyuak are herdsmen and farmers. Many of the […]

The Long Fight with Ebola

People and organizations from all over the world are joining together in a massive effort to help in the fight against Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Flights provided by MAF are one of the quickest and most efficient means of transporting supplies and people to the […]

MAF responds to Cyclone Kenneth in Mozambique

While still struggling to recover from the devastation of Cyclone Idai in March, Mozambique was hit again by another cyclone, Kenneth, in April. MAF flights continue to deliver aid and relief to those in need in the midst of the unprecedented devastation from two severe tropical storms making landfall so […]

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How MAF Helps….

In addition to providing emergency medevac flights, MAF works to provide isolated communities with access to healthcare through our flying doctor services. We also help stem the tide of disease and sickness by distributing mosquito netting and vaccines.

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Because we believe that every individual is important to God. We work with local pastors, missionaries, and missions groups to deliver the Good News of God’s love for them in word and deed; helping to provide hope and healing for both body and soul.

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When disaster strikes and people are cut off from the help they need. When communities are devastated by famine or drought. MAF works with hundreds of partner organizations to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of thousands of communities in over 30 of the world’s poorest countries.

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It all starts with sanitation and access to clean water. Without it community development can’t begin as crops fail, livestock become ill, and people die. MAF works with agencies and community leaders to improve the lives of people by helping to provide access to this most essential and critical thing.

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MAF delivers vaccines to remote areas, protecting children against polio, diphtheria, measles, and other illnesses. The speed and efficiency of MAF aircraft allows this precious cargo to reach remote villages in hours instead of days, ensuring that the “cold chain” is not broken and vaccinations remain effective.

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In many developing countries where MAF operates, a pregnant woman may walk several days in the hopes of seeing a doctor. This at a time when she and her unborn child are most vulnerable. MAF helps bridge the gap between those in need and the doctors, nurses, and midwives who are able to help.

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