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Real “uttermost parts of the earth” stuff.

We do it because we believe that no one is beyond the reach of God’s love.

In fact, we believe it so much,
that in 2018 alone, MAF…









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MAF provides relief flights in response to Cyclone Idai

MAF has been assisting with disaster relief flights in the wake of Cyclone Idai. The powerful tropical cyclone hit the coastal city of Beira, Mozambique. Early reports say there are over 100 deaths and many thousands seriously impacted by this cyclone.

On March 14th, Cyclone Idai made landfall at Beira City […]

Sheltering the homeless in Sentani

Heavy rains have caused major flooding and landslides in Sentani, Papua, Indonesia over the past few days. Many lives and homes have been lost in this disaster. MAF staff based in Sentani have been active in helping those in need as they seek the safety of higher ground.

MAF Papua program […]

MEDAIR mission accomplished!

In April 2018, conflict forced a large number of people to flee Rumbek North in central South Sudan. They ended up in Yirol as Internally Displaced People (IDP).

Medair’s Emergency Response Team did an assessment and in July 2018 began their intervention, to address the need for water, sanitation, and hygiene […]

Cold weather protocol in Mongolia

MAF Pilot Roy Rissanen shares some fascinating insights into cold weather operations in Mongolia. Here are ten fascinating facts about flying when the temperatures plunge well below zero.

The average household freezer runs at -18 degrees Celsius. In Mongolia, during winter, that’s a warm day! If you’ve ever wondered how we […]

Medevac twins still thriving at five in Timor-Leste

Back in 2013, MAF Timor-Leste received an urgent call to help 23-year-old Elizita Cardoso, a young mother whose joy at expecting twins turned to fear when she began to show signs of pre-eclampsia pregnancy complications.

The speedy delivery of both babies was vital, but living in the rural town of Suai, […]

Healthcare brings hope for the Turkana

The Turkana are some of Kenya’s most isolated and disadvantaged people. An estimated 90% of this pastoralist community live below the poverty line.

Serving them are a team of roughly 20 healthcare workers at a small medical clinic in Lokichogio. The clinic, run by African Inland Church, focuses on mothers and […]

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Introducing Plumpy’Nut:

The emergency food with the weird name that’s helping save the lives of thousands of children around the world.

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How MAF Helps….

In addition to providing emergency medevac flights, MAF works to provide isolated communities with access to healthcare through our flying doctor services. We also help stem the tide of disease and sickness by distributing mosquito netting and vaccines.

Because we believe that every individual is important to God. We work with local pastors, missionaries, and missions groups to deliver the Good News of God’s love for them in word and deed; helping to provide hope and healing for both body and soul.

When disaster strikes and people are cut off from the help they need. When communities are devastated by famine or drought. MAF works with hundreds of partner organizations to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of thousands of communities in over 30 of the world’s poorest countries.

It all starts with sanitation and access to clean water. Without it community development can’t begin as crops fail, livestock become ill, and people die. MAF works with agencies and community leaders to improve the lives of people by helping to provide access to this most essential and critical thing.

MAF delivers vaccines to remote areas, protecting children against polio, diphtheria, measles, and other illnesses. The speed and efficiency of MAF aircraft allows this precious cargo to reach remote villages in hours instead of days, ensuring that the “cold chain” is not broken and vaccinations remain effective.

In many developing countries where MAF operates, a pregnant woman may walk several days in the hopes of seeing a doctor. This at a time when she and her unborn child are most vulnerable. MAF helps bridge the gap between those in need and the doctors, nurses, and midwives who are able to help.

Join with thousands of others in helping to save and change lives through your support of MAF!

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