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MAF News and Reports

Going the Distance

MAF storytellers Mark and Kelly Hewes set out by foot and by truck on muddy, unforgiving roads, to travel from Mananara on Madagascar’s east coast to the interior village of Mandritsara where MAF supports [...]

Forest conservation in Liberia

The Wild Chimpanzee Foundation, a West African conservation organisation, is involved in a variety of different education and research projects in Liberia. MAF flies the team to their remote locations, saving time on bad, bumpy [...]

Together we can do so much more

In a place where there are no roads, a 2-hour flight saved the life of a heart-attack victim.It was late in the afternoon when Dr. Erin Meier from Kudjip Nazarene Hospital called my phone, “Todd, [...]

Bringing the Word to Liberia

MAF flights enhance evangelistic efforts in southern Liberia, where roads poor and often unuseable. Driven by its objective to ‘empower Liberians to be used by God for His purposes…to evangelize, disciple, train spiritual leaders, [...]

You have nothing to worry about

Archbishop of Canterbury safely reaches Ebolas zone with largest humanitarian airline. The most Reverend Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, fearlessly took the co-pilot seat in a Cessna Caravan 208 aircraft to reach an Ebola-effected [...]