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MAF News and Reports

The last call of the day

While shutting down scheduled flights for the weekend, MAF was called to make an emergency medevac when a woman was stung by a stingray. It was 4:30pm on a Friday and the operations team at [...]

Without engineers we cannot fly!

When you operate aircraft in remote places, difficulties like gauges not working correctly or other engineering problems can be quite significant. This week there was a chance that MAF in Timor-Leste would have no aircraft [...]

Unscheduled opportunities to serve

Mission Aviation Fellowship’s work in Arnhem Land provides Aboriginal homelands and communities with access to healthcare, education and development opportunities. Gangan is a remote inland river community in East Arnhem Land. Despite being one of [...]

Peace deserves a chance

Education, vocational training, health-care, and consistent teaching of the values of peace and reconciliation has almost brought traditional cattle raids and revengeful killings to an end in Kuron, South Sudan. “Peace Deserves a Chance” [...]