Remi and Tjandra

Tjandra was born in Indonesia and accepted Christ at age 12. In 1992 she graduated from Indonesia’s top university as a Chemical Engineer (BSc). While on the mission field she also became a Bible school teacher and ordained pastor, and in 2015 became a registered professional counselor.

Remi was born in the Netherlands and immigrated to Canada at age 17. In 1985 he became a believer while in the Air Force. His desire to serve lead him to MAF and in 1988 he started his first term in Indonesia as an MAF missionary.

During Indonesian language school in 1990, Remi met Tjandra and they married in 1992 and now have 3 grown children: Amanda, Anthony and Angelina.

Remi has served in Indonesia (16 years) and PNG (6 years) as a pilot, aircraft maintenance engineer, base manager and instructor pilot, and in Canada (5 years) as Recruiting manager and Ministry Partnership coach, while Tjandra served in numerous ways such as high school teacher, Bible school teacher, pastor, Wycliffe purchaser, etc.

In early 2016, Remi and Tjandra returned to Papua New Guinea where they have been very busy getting the Madang base up and running again with a plane and pilot. Remi has also been busy training new pilots at other MAF bases in PNG, and Tjandra has been providing much needed professional counseling to several missions.

Remi and Tjandra have recently transferred to the MAF programme in Suriname, South America, for a temporary two year assignment where Remi is helping out as a pilot, aircraft maintenance engineer, instructor pilot and director of maintenance while Tjandra helps out at the MAF office and as a professional counselor.

MAF needs couples like Remi and Tjandra who are prepared and willing to serve the needs of the rural poor in Suriname. Consider contributing to the important work they are helping to make possible with MAF.

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