Unlisted & Restricted Access Missionaries

MAF needs individuals, couples, and families who are prepared to serve in nations that are hesitant to welcome Christian witness. Please consider contributing to the important work they are helping to make possible with Mission Aviation Fellowship.

Due to security concerns, staff serving in sensitive parts of the world are not listed in the MAF Missionary Directory.

Additionally, there are hundreds of MAF missionaries who’s work with MAF is not supported by the MAF Canada home office.

To donate to the work that they, or any MAF missionary not listed in the MAF Canada Missionary Directory are involved in with MAF, please call us toll-free (in Canada) at 1.877.351.9344 or direct at 519.821.3914, or use the form on this page. If calling after-hours, leave your contact details and someone will be in touch with you the next business day. Remember to include the name of the missionary whose work with MAF you would like to support.

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Unlisted Missionaries