Daniel & Damaris LOEWEN-RUDGERS

Daniel and Damaris

Joshua, and Aliza

The joy of the Lord is your strength!
– Nehemiah 8:10 (NIV)

Daniel and Damaris have been serving with MAF in Kenya since 2008 where Daniel flies the Cessna Caravan and 206. Much of the flying in the Kenya program takes Daniel to the remote areas of northern Kenya.

For Daniel, the dream of flying a MAF aircraft started as a young boy growing up in Tanzania. It was here that he saw MAF pilots in action and longed to do the same thing someday. After graduating high school in Kenya, Daniel studied Aviation at Providence College in Manitoba, Canada. In 2006 Daniel returned to Kenya as a Cessna 206 pilot – his dream fulfilled.

Damaris also grew up as a missionary kid in Africa. She returned to Germany to complete a teaching degree in special education. Daniel and Damaris first met in Kenya as teenagers and were married in Germany in 2007.

Since their return to Africa in 2008 three children were added to the family. Samara was born in 2010, Joshua in 2013 and Aliza arrived in 2016. Although Samara was born with multiple disabilities due to congenital rubella, she was always a happy child. After many surgeries and a lot of progress, she contracted an infection of her heart in January 2018 and went to be with Jesus in March.

The Loewen-Rudgers family continue to serve with MAF in Kenya where they feel at home.

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