Keith & Cheryl KOWALSKI

Keith and Cheryl

Lily, Jacob, Abigail, and Alexander

The LORD is the strength of his people, he is the saving refuge of his anointed.
Psalm 28:8 (ESV)

Keith and Cheryl Kowalski, together with their children, Jacob (2002), Abigail (2004), Lily (2011) and Alexander (2013), have served with MAF for 13 years.

Most recently, they served in Uganda (2017-2021), where Keith was the Flight Operations Manager. Under his leadership, a strong, effective team was formed who helped to bring the hope, help and healing of Christ to the people of Uganda. Cheryl poured out the love of Christ as she ministered to street boys, in ladies’ Bible studies and retreats, and to the greater missionary community. She also facilitated training workshops to equip teachers for children’s ministry.

Now, Keith and Cheryl have answered the call to serve the greater MAF community by taking on a leadership role in the MAF Canada Head Office. Keith now serves as the Quality, Safety, and Security Manager for MAF Canada programs. Drawing on his years of overseas experience to refine policy and procedure, Keith will further equip missionaries in the field to perform safer, more efficient flight operations, and enhance the security and well-being of MAF families with his first-hand field experience.

Please pray for the Kowalski family as they continue to grow their Ministry Partnership team, and settle into this new role with MAF.

MAF needs couples like Keith and Cheryl who help to make the work of serving the needs of the poor possible. Consider contributing to the important work they are helping to make possible with MAF.

Help Keith and Cheryl reach full support and continue the Mission Critical ministry that they are involved in with MAF.

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Keith and Cheryl
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