Kalvin and Dorilee

Julia, Mariah, Grace, Evelyn, Kiara, and Peter

For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.
– Philippians 3:20

Kalvin and Dorilee Hildebrandt are currently in their fourth term with MAF. After their marriage in 1994 they moved from their home town of Abbotsford, BC to Three Hills, Alberta where they enrolled in Bible and Mission Aviation programs at Prairie Bible Institute. Upon completing studies and gaining experience in BC and northern Alberta, they were accepted with MAF Canada. They were assigned to Chad, Africa where they served for 11 years.

During these years God gave them six children and, as a family, they loved Africa and the opportunity to serve both nationals and the mission community. Due to health and educational needs of their children they felt God leading them back to Canada in 2013. Kalvin was invited to instruct in the Mission Aviation program back at Prairie College where they currently serve as missionaries for MAF.

Kalvin & Dorilee enjoy challenging students in their walk with Christ and being a part of training up the next generation of missionary pilots. The Hildebrandts are thankful for the opportunity to share their overseas experience in their home country but are also open to being back overseas one day if God leads them that way.

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