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Due to security concerns, staff serving in sensitive parts of the world cannot be listed here. To donate to the work that they, or any MAF missionary not listed below, are involved in with MAF (including those serving with MAF in another country), click the button below.

Missionary Support Fund
Missionary Name Country
ANSTEY, Andrew & Linnea (Pilot) Canada (LAMP)
ANTONIO, Romão & Luciana (AME) Angola
BALL, Chris & Karyn (Pilot) South Sudan
BARBER, Rob & Karina (AME) Madagascar
BERG, Darren & Janna (High School Principal) Indonesia
BITTLE, Neil & Meredi (National Development) Canada
BOERS, Marcel & Kelly (AME) Angola
BRAIM, James & Kristina (AME) Canada (PATC)
BRAZEAU, Jeremy & Lindsay (Teachers both) Indonesia
CADINOUCHE, Corrine (Flight Operations) DR Congo
COKER, Brandon & Sharlene (AME) Papua New Guinea
COLE, Ryan & Siobhain (Pilot) Papua New Guinea
DEERING, Lowell & Gail (VP, Operations & Recruiting) Canada
DERKSEN, Dallas & Karen (Pilot) Canada (PATC)
DOLE, Greg & Julie (Pilot/AME) Indonesia
EADIE, Ben & Amy (AME) Indonesia
EAGAR, Matt & Chaundra (Pilot) Uganda
FREY, Nick and Jocelyn (Pilot) DR Congo
HENDERSON, Phil & Merilee (Pilot) Chad
HILDEBRANDT, Kalvin & Dorilee (Pilot Instructor) Canada (PATC)
HUEBNER, Tim & Barb (Chief of Maintenance) Canada (PATC)
KETCHUM, Keith & Rosie (Maintenance Training Coordinator) United Kingdom
KOWALSKI, Keith & Cheryl (Pilot) Uganda
LOEWEN-RUDGERS, Daniel & Damaris (Pilot) Kenya
MARPLES, Richard & Jennifer (Pilot) Canada (PATC)
MONTGOMERY, Nathan & Sarah (AME) Uganda
MUDDE, Brent & Helena (Program Manager) Angola
NEUFELD, Tim & Laura (Pilot) Papua New Guinea
NICHOLSON, Larry & Ruth (AME) Uganda
PETERS, Melvin & Kari (Pilot) Canada
PREATER, Bev & Donna (Safety and Quality Manager) Canada (PATC)
REIERSON, Brett & Jaclyn (Pilot) DR Congo
REMPEL, Rick & Tracey (Pilot) Canada (PATC)
STUTZMAN, Andrew (Pilot) & Jaelynn (Nurse) Angola
THOMAS, Bert & Kathy (AME) Canada (PATC)
SCHLIECK, Alex & April (IT Specialist & Pilot Instructor) Canada (PATC)
UGANECZ, Chris & Julene (Pilot) Indonesia
UNGER, Ryan and Kristen (Pilot) Madagascar
VANDERLINDE, Karl (AME) Indonesia
VILLENEUVE, Dominic (Pilot) DR Congo