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How We Help:

Infant, Midwifery,
and Postnatal Care

In many developing countries where MAF operates, a pregnant woman may walk several days in the hopes of seeing a doctor. This at a time when she and her unborn child are most vulnerable. MAF helps bridge the gap between those in need and the doctors, nurses, and midwives who are able to help. Additionally, MAF helps to provide important postnatal and early childhood development services, to better protect both mother and children, especially those under 5 who are most susceptible to preventable disease and illness.

  • In Angola, MAF partners with a local hospital to transport fistula patients, a preventable ailment all but unheard of in Canada, that can leave women permanently disfigured and ostracized from their spouses and communities.
  • MAF works with doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and nurse practitioners to provide expectant mothers with nutrition training and prenatal physical inspections, and well as training local midwifes to better guarantee safe and healthy deliveries.
  • When drought impacts a community, the care and feeding of infants is a top priority. MAF works with partners to deliver high nutritional emergency feeding packs and supplements.
  • MAF helps to provide postnatal care and training for mothers in nutrition and care of their newborns, as well as basic training in sanitation that can help combat disease, sickness, and malnutrition.

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Mission Aviation Fellowship’s work in Arnhem Land provides Aboriginal homelands and communities with access to healthcare, education and development opportunities.


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