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How We Help:

Evangelism and
Missionary Work

Because we believe that every individual is important to God. We work with local pastors, missionaries, and missions groups to deliver the Good News of God’s love for them in word and deed; helping to provide hope and healing for both body and soul.

For years, the passengers in MAF airplanes were often Western missionaries. Today, MAF is overjoyed to come alongside church leaders and Christian workers from around the world as they share the love of Jesus with isolated people who have never experienced it. Passengers on our airplanes might include local pastors traveling to conference, missionaries from North America or Europe, Bible translators, or Indigenous evangelists who want to reach a neighboring tribe with the Gospel.

MAF assists these partners and more with logistics and transportation of personnel and equipment. A missionary or evangelistic MAF flight might include:

  • Showing the Jesus film in any of over 1,600 local dialects using a portable projector and a make-shift screen.
  • Carrying a load of Bibles or electronic hand-cranked or solar powered audiobibles.
  • Working with a local faith-based radio station to install remote repeaters, or with isolated missionaries in need of UHF-based email systems.
  • Providing transportation to a team of Bible translators who spend years living among local tribes in an attempt to learn their dialects and language.
  • Helping teams run evangelistic and VBS outreach.

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