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Evangelism and Missionary work

Because we believe that every individual is important to God. We work with local pastors, missionaries, and missions groups to deliver the Good News of God’s love for them in word and deed; helping to provide hope and healing for both body and soul.

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Restoration of the Forgotten

MAF Assists Missionaries in Helping the Turkana People of Lokichoggio in Northern Kenya in an Ever-Expanding Ministry of Schools, Evangelism, Community Development, and Food Distribution. After serving MAF on and off in Chad, Kenya and Sudan since the eighties – KeA as a pilot and Birgitta with bookkeeping and [...]

Making a Meal of Airstrip Maintenance in Lesotho

MAF Pilots Joey Martin and Jason Thiemann explain how a good meal makes all the difference when it comes to airstrip maintenance in Lesotho. 'Letsema is kind of like an old-fashioned barn-raising' explains Joey Martin a pilot and engineer from the US who moved to the Lesotho last year [...]

Helping Partner Organizations in Kenya

MAF flights help partner organization 'Concern Worldwide' promote their opportunities in Kenya by saving days of travel. Story and Photo by MAF Communications Coordinator, Katie Machell. ‘Nothing could prepare me for the distances we traveled,’ says Aoife Garvey, Supporter Marketing Manager with Concern Worldwide. ‘Thanks to our pilot Melvin [...]

Youth Ministry and Dodgeball in South Sudan

MAF’s Thomas Titus works as a Dispatch Officer in South Sudan, but also formed a ministry for youth in his spare time that included resurrecting a childhood game to become a competitive sport for girls. Story and Photos by MAF Senior Roving Communications Coordinator, LuAnne Cadd. Legend claims the [...]

Celebrating a Newly Self-Sufficient Project in Timor-Leste

MAF’s support has enabled CounterPart International to reach some of the most remote places in Timor-Leste. Story and Photos by MAF. Pilot, Jason Job, attended the closing of the Mai Munisipiu ("Come to the Municipalities") project in Covalima, Timor-Leste. The ceremony celebrated the culmination of a four year project [...]

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