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Clean water and community development

It all starts with sanitation and access to clean water. Without it community development can’t begin as crops fail, livestock become ill, and people die. MAF works with agencies and community leaders to improve the lives of people by helping to provide access to this most essential and critical thing.

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Fifteen Thousand Feathered Friends

During March 2018, the plane in Timor-Leste flew sick patients to receive medical care, flew government officials, transported staff from aid and development organisations... along with delivering 15,000 baby chicks!. Fifteen thousand chickens! A local business importing and selling chickens has begun in the Oecusse region of Timor Leste. [...]

Youth Ministry and Dodgeball in South Sudan

MAF’s Thomas Titus works as a Dispatch Officer in South Sudan, but also formed a ministry for youth in his spare time that included resurrecting a childhood game to become a competitive sport for girls. Story and Photos by MAF Senior Roving Communications Coordinator, LuAnne Cadd. Legend claims the [...]

Celebrating a Newly Self-Sufficient Project in Timor-Leste

MAF’s support has enabled CounterPart International to reach some of the most remote places in Timor-Leste. Story and Photos by MAF. Pilot, Jason Job, attended the closing of the Mai Munisipiu ("Come to the Municipalities") project in Covalima, Timor-Leste. The ceremony celebrated the culmination of a four year project [...]

Focusing on Sustainable Solutions in Northern Kenya

MAF assists the Millennium Water Alliance in Northern Kenya. Story by Katie Machell. Photos by Jon Lenchner Jon Lenchner, a research scientist, was recently a passenger on 5Y-EST when he flew to Marsabit as part of a team from the Millennium Water Alliance (MWA). The purpose of the trip [...]

Modernizing Urban Sanitation in Bangladesh

MAF assists SNV Netherlands in implementing a 4-year project to modernize urban sanitation in the city of Khulna, Bangladesh. Story and Photos by LuAnne Cadd A crude ‘public toilet’ sits about 30 meters back from the Rupsa Ghat boat dock in Khulna. It’s a tiny corrugated-iron shack with three [...]

Haiti: A Nation in Recovery

Six months on from Hurricane Matthew, there is still great need in Haiti. Vaughan Woodward of MAF’s Disaster Response Team and MAF Pilot Michael Broyles reflect on MAF’s response Story and Photos by MAF-US Rumours of the approaching storm reached Vaughan Woodward in Cairns, Australia via online media. He [...]

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