Teaming Up

MAF partners with organizations; MAMAFY, Heli Mission, and Philadelphie, to provide outreach to Bekoda, Madagascar

Story by Stephanie Gidney. Photos by Bert van den Bosch.

Philidelphie Aid and Action teamed up with a few different projects this last month in order to maximize their outreach in the remote area of Bekodoka. Together with the C208 and the helicopter from Heli Mission the C182 brought 3 local church/health workers as part of the 12 person team that spent 10 days doing health and ministry outreach.

It’s always a challenge to coordinate big teams when going to the bush and because of the isolation and difficulty reaching the area the more you can pack into a mission the better. For this reason Phildelphie, who spearheads the missions into Bekodoka, combined the use of 3 methods of transport to reach as far as they could.

For 10 days then the 12 team members worked in Bekodoka doing medical outreach and ministering to the people of the village. The work was further multiplied with the helicopter from Heli Mission who was able to bring the team to the outlying villages near to Bekodoka but still many hours walk away.

All this work that was accomplished could not have been possible without the contribution that came from many different avenues. MAF, Heli Mission, MAMAFY and Phildelphie Aid and Action. It’s great to witness the impact that comes when multiple groups combine to increase their effectiveness and it was great that MAMAFY was able to do its small part in this.