Helping 4 Corners Ministries in Northern Uganda

MAF helps promote peace and hope to a generation that has only known fighting and despair.

Story and photos by Chaundra Eagar

In Northen Uganda, there is an entire generation that has never known peace. These children grew up without knowing real hope, and were displaced and un-educated because of 20 years of incessant fighting between the Lord’s Resistance Army and the Government forces.

4 Corners Ministries saw the desperation of this region 12 years ago, prayed and saw God perfectly place Abaana’s Hope in this area. Now on a 100 acre plot, they have been outreaching to the people in the community through farming and training, as well as running an on-site clinic, elementary school and church. They are providing clean water, affordable medical care, a safe place for children to play, and are employing more than 120 people from the local community while offering a warm- hearted environment where adults can fellowship and grow together through the love of Christ.

The greatest impact that Abaana’s Hope has on the community is through its church. People are taught about the love of God, and grows in numbers consistently, with people giving their lives over to Christ every week!

We often fly 4 Corners Ministries in and out of this exciting project in Gulu, and sometimes stay the day and are able to visit the site with them, and last week when Andrew Parker flew in the Haggins and Monk families to start as fresh support for the program there it was no different.

It is always an amazing opportunity to see the work we are enabling 4 Corners to accomplish by getting them where God needs them, so that they can help lead this region to a generational change. That change is happening every day as empowered people at Abaana’s hope work to provide a future full of love and possibility for the next generation, and future generations to come.