A BIGGER Bible Box for use in Papua New Guinea

MAF Pilot Paul Woodington shares about The Big Bible Box he’s purchased for his flights to remote communities in PNG

Story and Photos by MAF Pilot, Paul Woodington.

MAF Pilot Paul Woodington bought a bigger box to accommodate more Bibles to meet the high demand in remote communities where he flies to.

“I purchased this box especially to accommodate more books to meet the demand. This box can easily hold additional lights which are ever so popular, and a big thanks to everyone at CRMF.

I cannot tell you how much this ministry means to so many people. When I turn up at a remote station like Sisamin, last week, they purchased everything I had. All Bibles, commentaries, lights*, eye glasses.”

They said, “No one ever comes here except MAF. Now we are able to have a bible study with theses Bibles and Commentaries.” And right now, praise Jesus for the hunger for the Word, particularly in the Western Highlands and Sepik regions.”

*Note: The two references to ‘lights’ refer to the solar lights that CRMF provides for distribution to isolated pastors and teachers who need to work at night. They consist of a small solar panel that connects to a stand and a couple of single low energy lights and produce approx. 6-8 hours light, sufficient for them to read at night.