The MAF team is busy conducting survey flights for the many NGOs and agencies that are now arriving in Beira to provide aid, such as UNHAS, World Vision, International Humanitarian Partnership (IHP), Samaritan’s Purse, World Food Program, and Red Cross.

MAF staff Jill Holmes reports: “A week ago today when we arrived in Beira there were only a dozen or so people. Today, a week later, there are hundreds involved in the response. At this morning’s briefing meeting they announced that the UN has classified this response as a system-wide response, meaning it is their top priority crisis. We also learned that the EN6 road from Beira to Chimoio is now open so they will be focusing on moving aid by road and boat and will prioritize aircraft to areas where still unable to reach by road.”

MAF continues to work closely with Mercy Air to reach as many people as possible by air using both MAF’s Cessna 208 and Mercy Air’s helicopter. This morning they were able to fly some of the team with Samaritan’s Purse to Guara Guara for a survey to set up a medial base. Another 27 food airdrops have been flown with the helicopter to reach pockets of people in the Tica area, delivering 400kg of high energy biscuits to those in desperate need.

MAF pilot Rick Emenaker accompanied Mercy Air on a flight on Sunday and shared, “There is a small camp set up at Matarrara farm on the north bank of the river, however people on the south side of the river had been cut off. Farmers and businessmen from Chimoio that live in that area and folks connected with SAM ministries have been rescuing people and distributing aid. The farm lost 45 of their workers in the flooding. They have been using a boat to rescue people and deliver aid and today was the first day the boat was able to access the south side. One lady with a newborn baby had been stuck on the south [side]. The farmers are anxious to get seed because they believe if they can plant within the next two weeks, still rainy season, they can still get a crop and prevent further food security issues in the future.”

To date, MAF has flown 31 flights in the C208, carrying 107 passengers. In conjunction with Mercy Air, we have helped with 22 helicopter flights, carrying 67 passengers. As of today, 13,198 kilograms of cargo has been transported to deliver emergency items like food, tents and family shelter kits.

Please continue to pray:
• Cholera and other diseases are starting to be a concern. Please pray that the people in the area will be protected.
• Pray that people will be able to plant soon to prevent long-term food insecurity.
• Pray that people won’t have to be long in the IDP camps but will be able to return to their homes soon.
• Pray for the fortitude of our team, and that those they meet will see Jesus in them.

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Story and photos by MAF and Mercy Air.