MAF is continuing to provide logistics support in response to Hurricane Dorian.

John Woodberry (Flight Ops Coordination) and Brent Palmer (Caravan pilot) are assisting the SP response by supporting the flight operation delivering critical supplies and people to the right place at the right time.

According to Hannah with Samaritan’s Purse, she reports that in Freeport, the distribution team is providing over 100+ churches with relief supplies for their communities. The Emergency Field Hospital (EFH) continues to see a high volume of patients. Many of the patients are acute with complex medical needs. As some of the patients are complex and stay a few days in the hospital, the staff are building relationships with patients and families. There are opportunities for the Gospel to be shared and people are showing interest. The EFH staff is encouraged by the opportunity to share faith and prayers with this predominately Christian community.

She also reported that the distribution team is busy in Abaco distributing tarps, hygiene kits, generators, solar lights and jerry cans. A team of Dutch Marines is assisting the SP crew with loading and transport of supplies, preparing sling loads for the helicopter, door to door distributions, and home muck outs and roof tarps. The desalination units are providing clean water to communities in need.

Franklin Graham visited the relief operations and had this to say, “I was in the Bahamas yesterday with our medical team at the Samaritan’s Purse Emergency Field Hospital in Freeport. We have already treated more than 640 patients since the hospital opened last week. Pray for these hurting people, many who lost everything to Hurricane Dorian. They are so grateful for the help and that people care and are praying for them. We are also continuing to distribute tons of emergency relief supplies. It was good to have Greta Van Susteren and her husband, John Coale, also visit the hospital yesterday. Greta was there for her new show “Full Court Press with Greta Van Susteren.”

Project stats to date (Samaritan’s Purse):

SP Caravan:

  • Flights – 44
  • Passengers – 188

SP Helicopter:

  • Flights – 83
  • Passengers – 185

Missionary Flight International:
MAF staff are continuing to assist in load coordination and paperwork for the relief flights. Sam Baguma arrived September 15 and will remain until October 5. Vaughan Woodward and John Gorenflo depart on September 20. With a lot of the operational setup now complete, one MAF person will be enough for flight coordination. To date, the MAF coordinated flights with MFI have:

  • Flown over 130,000 lbs of donated aid and relief goods as well as 65 passengers on 25 flights
  • Goods are going to six organisations, including two churches and the Salvation Army

Please pray for our MAF team and other relief workers. Also pray for good health among the workers and impacted people in the Bahamas. There are fears that diarrhea and waterborne diseases due to unsafe drinking water could appear, but so far, no cases of cholera have been reported.

Story by MAF with photos by John Woodberry & Brent Palmer