The Ambassador Aviation (MAF) team in Mozambique continues their Cyclone Idai disaster response work, using the Cessna 208 Caravan from the Nampula, Mozambique base.

Recent flights have provided tents, hygiene kits, family kits, and other items from Chimoio to Beira for use at Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps. MAF Pilot Dave Holmes flew 55 family kits, (that include shelter items), on today’s first flight and 56 family kits and additional food on the second flight.

Today, MAF worked in cooperation with Mercy Air to conduct food delivery flights. Using the Mercy Air helicopter, they did 17 food drops, (a total of 36 boxes of high-energy biscuits), to various locations north of the impassable N6 road, as well as another drop of 40 boxes to the village of Grudja. In addition, they flew the General Secretary of the INGC (Mozambique’s disaster response agency), to Buzi City for assessment. The helicopter also flew a sling load of seven tents and buckets to the camp at Buzi and returned with a patient, a pregnant woman needing a C-section.

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Story and photos by MAF and Mercy Air.