Setting up your fundraising page: A How to Guide.

If you’ve ever created a Facebook profile page, then setting up your MAF Canada fundraising profile page should be as easy to you as 1-2-3.


Click here to sign up to create your personalized fundraising profile page to launch your campaign and share with friends and family


Use some of the tools found on this page (or use your own) to customize your fundraising profile page to suite your style and fundraising goal


Use the tools found in your profile page to engage your friends, family, and co-workers and invite them to help you change the world

Step 1: Follow this guide or download one for future reference.

Click here to download the MAF Canada peer-to-peer get started guide OR simply follow the guide below.

Customize your fundraising page.

Give some thought to the type of fundraising campaign you want to run.

If your plan is to do something like say, ride in a bicycle road race, choosing a picture that helps to visualize what you are doing might be best.

Or if you prefer, you can select one of the pictures below to give your fundraising page a more “MAF Inspired” look.

When you create your fundraising page, you’ll be prompted to customize it to reflect the cause you are raising funds for.

You’ll have the option of uploading your own photo, but if you’re stuck for ideas, feel free to download one of our pre-sized template pics.

Click on the one you want (it will open in a new tab). Then, right-click / save-as to download the picture to your computer.

MAF Profile pictures

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