It doesn’t have to be complicated…

Do what you already do, and put to good use the time and talent you already have.

You don’t have to do anything you wouldn’t do anyway. So use the resources you already have, and involve the people you already know. You’ll never know what big things can come from such small beginnings.

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Still not convinced? Watch this:

Do you love to rollerskate?

Grab some friends and head to an all-night rink.

Get sponsors to donate money for every hour you skate, or every lap you make.

Hey! You love to skate anyway so you might as well turn those laps into donations that can provide a flight for someone in need.

You already love movies.

Host a movie marathon for you and your friends.

Make it a theme night and invite people to cosplay.

You’re a night-owl anyway, and you already have that killer big-screen TV, so why not make the most of it by putting it to good use?

Winter’s Coming!

Sure you normally shovel your neighbor’s snow out of the goodness of your heart and never ask for anything in return (except for maybe the occasional mug of cocoa).

We’re not suggesting you start now – but if you let them know it’s for charity, guaranteed they’ll understand.

We can even provide you with information about MAF to give them.

We just gave you 3 ideas.

Need more? Try one of these…

Start a dog walking business

Rake your neighbors leaves

Host a community barbecue

Have a yard sale – make it a community event for charity

Organize a car wash

Teach music

Have an airfield? Host a fly-in breakfast

Run a marathon

Host a concert at your church

Organize a workplace giving campaign

Give up coffee for a month & donate the money instead

Organize a community clean up

Play an instrument? Busk or play at a local coffee shop

Have a yard sale – make it a community event for charity

Organize a classic car show or rally

Participate in a cycling tournament

Organize a bed race or bathtub race

Give up social media for a week

Need another idea or two?
Try one of these easy options on for size:

Have an idea of your own?

Let us know.

If it’s an event others might be interested in participating in, we’ll help you promote it. Drop us a line or call us, and ask to speak with our events coordinator.

Either way, use @mafcanada on social media to share how you’re getting On Board with MAF.

Create your own Peer-to-Peer Fundraising campaign!

Whatever you like to do – whether it’s throwing a birthday party, running a marathon, or going for a bike ride, you can raise funds to support our mission.

Then invite your friends, coworkers, and family to join you in your passion to helping to improve the lives of children and families in isolated communities around the world.

Your campaign doesn’t have to be huge. Set a goal from $100 to $10,00 or more. Every bit helps. Here are just a few of the things you can raise money for:

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Get on board and help keep us Flying for Life.