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Fall, 2018

In This Issue…

The chance at a better life for a special girl in South Sudan

A little girl who lost her feet when she was badly burned by fire as an infant was considered worthless until she was noticed by someone outside her family. Now she has the chance to change the ending of her story with new prosthetics and the opportunity to go to school.

Emergency Services

MAF’s Global Manager of Disaster Response, John Woodberry, has spent more than 12 years responding to disasters around the world.

Going the Distance

MAF storytellers Mark and Kelly Hewes set out by foot and by truck on muddy, unforgiving roads, to travel from Mananara on Madagascar’s east coast to the interior village of Mandritsara where MAF supports Hopitaly Vaovao Mahafaly, a mission hospital. Mark and Kelly quickly found out just how difficult this journey could be without MAF flights.


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