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How your MAF Flight Crew gift can help

Medevac and
flying doctor
services flights

MAF Helps with deliveries of food and medicines.

In addition to providing emergency medevac flights, MAF works to provide isolated communities with access to healthcare through our flying doctor services. We also help stem the tide of disease and sickness by distributing mosquito netting and vaccines.

Disaster, emergency
relief, and refugee
care flights

emergency relief

MAF works with hundreds of partner organizations in dozens of countries around the world to bring immediate help when natural disasters, famines, or droughts strikes and communities and people are cut off from the help they need.

Clean water
and community
development flights

alternative energies

It all starts with sanitation and access to clean water. Without it, community development can’t begin as crops fail and livestock. MAF works with agencies and community leaders to improve the lives of people by helping to improving the communities they live in.

Vaccinations and
care fights

MAF Helps with deliveries of food and medicines.

MAF delivers vaccines that protect children against preventable diseases and other illnesses. The speed and efficiency of MAF aircraft allows this precious cargo to reach remote villages in hours instead of days; ensuring the “cold chain” is not broken and vaccinations remain effective.

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