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MAF Vaccine Flights

MAF flights deliver vaccines that help
combat disease including Covid-19

Even during a time of quarantine and other restrictions, MAF continues to play a critical role in reaching isolated and remote communities around the world where needs are great and access is limited.

For example, in the past 12 months alone, MAF flew over 100 flights in South Sudan to assist a single partner’s work among communities devastated by flooding and disease – including a deadly measles outbreak. MAF flights helped see 18,000 children vaccinated – potentially saving thousands of lives while also preventing the spread among other communities in the region.

Similar flights are repeated regularly in countries like Tanzania and Angola, where cold-chain transportation of vaccines – similar to what’s needed for the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccines – is essential and unavailable by any other means.

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Read stories about past vaccine deliveries.

Passenger profile – Jasmine Biddell with MEDAIR

Jasmine Biddell is a Health Manager on the Medair Emergency Response Team. She recently flew with MAF to reach Nimule, South Sudan, where Medair were distributing kits so people who tested positive for Covid -19 could isolate at home.


Playing a part in delivering vaccines in Timor Leste

As part of the COVAX campaign, MAF flew around 2,000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine from Timor-Leste’s capital, Dili, to Oecusse, an area which is surrounded by West Timor (Indonesia). Without MAF, accessing this region from Dili via ferry or road can take many hours.


A hospital with a heart

Pilot Wim Hobo, had four hours on the ground to visit the In Deed and Truth Hospital in Tonj, South Sudan. The life-transforming ministry is led by Suzy Kuj and run by a quartet of Kiwi missionary Doctors; Jonathon and Destiny Macleod, and nurses Zac and Rebekah Soper, with the support of a large team of staff.


MAF delivers more coronavirus vaccine to Kalimantan as cases soar

Indonesia has overtaken India as Asia’s ‘Covid-19 hotspot’. Kalimantan in the Indonesian part of Borneo is experiencing a surge of cases. In response, MAF has flown out medics, batches of the Sinovac vaccine and coronavirus tests to contain the outbreak…


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