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MAF Refugee Evacuation Flights

MAF flights help evacuate refugees
and victims of violence

Although it’s gone largely unreported in the news, in recent weeks, violent insurgent groups have forced thousands from their homes in Northern Mozambique.

MAF – known in Mozambique as Ambassador Aviation – has been working to provide assistance to those escaping the conflict.

While many of those escaping the violence fled to relative safety in the south, thousands more journeyed north, where they were turned back trying to enter neighboring Tanzania. Some returned home only to face renewed threats, while others have stayed in make-shift camps with little more than the items they brought with them.

MAF is assisting on both fronts; delivering emergency food, shelter, and medicines to refugee camps while evacuating as many people as we can from areas of conflict, but we need your help to continue these flights.

Your gift of $60, $120, or even $240 or more, can help provide a relief or evacuation flight for those who have become refugees in their own country.

Since early April, MAF has delivered over 24,476 kilograms of relief supplies, and transported over 1,000 people – many of whom are children and those with injuries sustained in violent attacks.

International aid groups estimate that as many as 700,000 people have been forced to leave their homes and villages since attacks began in 2017.

But violence is not unique to Mozambique alone.

Recently, MAF established an “air bridge” to help victims of sexual assault in the Democratic Republic of the Congo receive immediate medical attention following heinous abuse, saving both medical teams and victims weeks of difficult and dangerous overland travel.

MAF is helping as many as we can, but we need your help to continue this important work that helps change and save lives.

Your tax-deductible MAF evacuation flight gift may be used to help transport a victim of conflict or assault to a hospital for lifesaving treatment, transport medical supplies or emergency food to a refugee camp or treatment centre, or fly a missionary pastor to help bring spiritual hope to those traumatized by violence.

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