Running on Empty

Life changing MAF flights are only
made possible with your support.

Every MAF flight is different, but they all have one crucial thing in common: Fuel is a non-negotiable requirement!

Whether our pilots are transporting emergency food, water, or shelter materials to disaster victims, carrying a seriously injured child for life-saving medical attention, or bringing a national pastor to minister to congregations scattered in isolated villages, every MAF flight needs fuel.

Sadly, we’ve experienced situations in the past where disruptions in production and the supply chain left us with less fuel available to meet our needs. When that’s happened, everything grinds to a halt. We never want to be in a situation where we’re forced to cancel a life-saving flight because we don’t have enough fuel.

The recent period of inactivity in the travel and tourism industry caused by the pandemic has had a direct impact on the production and distribution of aviation fuel – especially in many of the remote and isolated places where MAF operates.

As the price of aircraft fuel rises to pre-pandemic prices, so does the uncertainty of what it will cost to fuel our planes over the next year. Your MAF Fuel for Life gift of $120, $240, or even $600 or more today, will help offset any unexpected price increases caused by the pandemic, ensuring that we’re able to continue providing help, hope, and healing to those in need tomorrow.

Thank you for your support.

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