This Christmas, help deliver

comfort, joy, peace, and good will

Your gift can help change the ending for isolated people this Christmas!

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Comfort & Joy! More than just lyrics from a popular Christmas hymn, these words remind us of the ones spoken by angels to calm fearful shepherds on the night that Jesus was born.

On earth peace, good will toward men. More than just words, it’s a declaration that a better world is possible.

Maybe it’s because this has been another exceptional year, but this Christmas in particular, I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the many positive ways that people like you have helped to bring comfort, joy, peace, and good will to those in need through, your support of MAF.

  • Your support helped MAF and our partners establish an ‘air-bridge to safety’ that will bring comfort and healing to thousands of physically abused women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for years to come.
  • Your support enabled MAF to evacuate hundreds of families fleeing violent militant attacks in northern Mozambique; bringing peace to fearful hearts.
  • Your support helped foster good will through reconciliation efforts between religious and tribal groups in South Sudan, Angola, and Uganda.
  • And perhaps most of all, with every one of the thousands of flights your support has helped to make possible, you’ve helped bring joy to so many of those we serve.

Thank you so much for all you’ve helped make possible in 2021.

While we don’t know what 2022 will bring, we know that God is at work in our world, and that MAF must be prepared to respond when needed. Will you consider making a special financial gift this Christmas of $50, $100, or even $500 or more, which can help MAF deliver comfort, joy, peace, and good will to those who need to experience them the most throughout 2022?

A gift today of $50, $100, or even $500 or more, will help us respond when unexpected situations arise, while also allowing us to plan for the ongoing needs of our partners who count on MAF to do the work that they are involved in.

Your gift may be used to deliver seeds and tools to drought-stricken parts of Africa, or make a scheduled or emergency medical flight for someone in need. It could be used to transport Bible translators to bring God’s Word to communities desperate for hope, rescue children fleeing violence, or help create a source of income for an isolated village by helping to bring crops or handcrafts to market.

Whatever the need, every MAF flight delivers comfort, joy, peace, or good will to someone in need, but is only made possible through the support of someone like you. Please, give generously.

To make your donation, simply complete the form on this page, and remember, gifts made online, by phone, or postmarked by midnight on December 31, can be applied towards your 2021 tax return.

If we’re honest, the past year has left many of us exhausted, on-edge, and even fearful about the future. I’ve experienced some of this myself this past year. For some, extending peace and good will to others has become harder than before, and if you’re like me, feelings of comfort and joy didn’t come as easily as they once did. But despite what you or I might have felt this year, know that thousands around the world have experienced comfort, joy, and peace because of MAF flights that you’ve helped make possible. Thank you for your support!

On behalf of the entire MAF Canada family, I wish you and yours all the best this Christmas, and for peace and joy in the coming year.


Brad Bell
President/CEO, MAF Canada

PS: My prayer during what might be another difficult Christmas season for many of us, is that you find rest and community. Our staff pray for each other and for the needs of our partners, and donors daily. If you need prayer, please contact us at prayer [at], and we’d be honored to pray for your needs as well.

YES! I will provide a special gift to MAF this Christmas.