Donate your old plane and help save and change lives…


Have an older (but still operable) plane that you no longer fly and can’t afford to maintain?

Want to see it used to help change the lives of children and families?

Want to receive a valuable tax-deduction equivalent to the fair market value of your plane?

Consider donating your airplane to MAF.

If yours is a plane that is useful as-is, we’ll be able to offer you a tax credit equivalent to the fair market value of the plane. If it isn’t a plane we can use, we recommend you sell it yourself, and donate part or all of the proceeds. Regardless of how you are able to proceed, your gift will be helping children and families while providing you with a significant tax credit.

Once you’re ready to commit, we’ll provide a fair market Certified Appraisal or USPAP Certified Appraisal at your location.

Curious to learn more?

Call us toll-free at 1.877.351.9344 and ask to speak with Alex Henderson (Eastern part of Canada including Ontario) or call Greg Reeder at 604.670.6638 (Western part of Canada) or send us an email including detailed information and a picture or two of your airplane to ahenderson [at] maf%c.o%rg.