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Want to make the biggest impact but don’t know how? We can help. Make your gift a “Where Most Needed” gift and let us put it to use where it will make the biggest difference.

“Where Most Needed” gifts may be used to promote our work, recruit new missionaries, or provide for day-to-day operations. They also help to ensure that as much money as possible allocated to specific funds such as flights, missionary support, and airplane maintenance, is used for those purposes alone.

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MAF Canada’s primary contribution to this global work is found in our people.

Canadians serving with MAF fill critical roles as pilots, aircraft mechanics, teachers, business administrators, and IT specialists in 17 countries around the world – more than any other supporting country in MAF’s global family.

More are needed, and MAF Canada is actively recruiting new missionaries to serve.

You can help keep MAF missionaries serving on the field with your Ministry Partnership gift today.


Planes are expensive to purchase, maintain, and operate.

Globally, MAF currently operates a fleet of over 130 of them.

MAF is actively replacing many of our less efficient aircraft with those that use more cost effective and readily available jet fuel, are powered by more efficient engines, can carry greater loads over longer distances, and are less expensive to maintain.

MAF Plane fund gifts help maintain and fuel our existing fleet, and provide the funds needed to purchase future aircraft.


When disaster, famine, or humanitarian crisis occurs, MAF is there to provide emergency response and medevac flights.

Additionally, MAF Canada is committed to providing affordable transportation for Flying Doctor Services and de-mining operations, new airstrips to provide access to more communities, and low-cost technology to provide education and evangelism to spiritually and economically impoverished people.

MAF’s Projects fund can help provide flights, education, community development, or evangelism.

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A fun way to donate while introducing your family to the idea that BIG THINGS can have small beginnings.

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You’ll never know what big things can come from such small beginnings.

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Not Sure Where to best use your donation?

We can help. Make yours a “Where Most Needed” gift and let us put it to use where it will make the biggest difference.

“Where Most Needed” gifts may be used to promote our work, recruit new missionaries, or provide for day-to-day operations. They also help to ensure that as much money as possible allocated to specific funds such as flights, missionary support, and airplane maintenance, is used for those purposes.

Help change lives! Give Where Most Needed.

Give to Where Most Needed

Where the roads end, that’s where you’ll find us.

For over 70 years, MAF has flown over jungles, mountains, swamps and deserts to bring thousands of communities and countless families medical care, emergency relief, long-term development, and Christian hope. Your MAF VIP gift will help provide a flight for someone in need, or for someone who can help.

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South Sudan Famine Response

MAF is there!

The United Nations and news outlets report that some 100,000 people are facing starvation, with a million more on the brink of famine.

Almost five million people are in need of urgent help including over a million children suffering acute malnutrition.

MAF regularly flies humanitarian partners working in the worst affected northern Unity state.

Our team in South Sudan has been monitoring this situation and the Global Disaster Response team is looking at the response we may be able to offer as this crisis develops.

According to the UN, the devastating ‘man-made disaster’ has been slowly escalated since conflict reignited in December 2013, forcing millions from their homes and sending the countries flailing economy into freefall. Unable to grow their food, the people of South Sudan have been prevented from buying it by inflation rates of 800%.

One of MAF’s busiest programs worldwide, MAF flies to areas that are difficult or impossible to reach by road to supply partners such as Tearfund and Medair with essential supplies for their nutrition and healthcare programs.

We also continue to meet the needs of South Sudanese refugees who have fled over the border into Uganda with flights to refugee camps in the north of the country.

How you can help:


  • Pray for those affected and for wisdom for the government and humanitarian agencies as they look to address this crisis.
  • Lift up those who are most vulnerable, including children, new and expectant mothers and those in Unity State where the famine is most acute.
  • Pray for the safety of our mission staff and their families already working in South Sudan.
  • Pray for the resources needed to help combat this famine, and help provide a better future for children and families tomorrow.


Please consider a special gift at this time which will help keep our planes flying.

Donate to the MAF Flight Fund
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Maintenance Matters

Airplanes like the Cessna Caravan we operate in Angola are expensive to purchase, maintain, and operate.

And with an MAF airplane taking off or landing every 3 minutes somewhere in the world, that makes for a lot of combined wear and tear on our aircraft.

From refurbishing or replacing engines that keep our planes operating at peak efficiency, to upgrading avionics that keep our crews and passengers safe; it costs millions each year just to keep our existing fleet operating.

Your MAF maintenance gift can help keep our planes flying.

Give to the MAF Maintenance Fund

Meet Africa’s Flying Doctor

He’s the only Doctor for hundreds of miles
(and he even makes house-calls)

Memorial Gifts

“Memorial” gifts are a wonderful way to honor or remember a loved one who’s passed, while making an important difference in the lives of children and families today – and tomorrow.

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Planned Giving

What is a Planned Gift?

Many people believe that “Planned Giving” only deals with Estate Planning (bequests).

While it’s true that a Will is an important component of most financial plans, a comprehensive Planned Giving strategy can also ensure that their current and future financial needs will be met, while still being able to provide for the needs of a charity like MAF today.

A Planned Gift is one which can help you…

  • Better provide for your current and future financial needs.
  • Make the most of available tax benefits now and to your estate.
  • Provide for the financial needs of charities to a greater extent than you might have thought possible.

What’s more, the financial benefits of a well-structured Planned Giving strategy may make it possible to provide for your current financial needs, while supporting the work of MAF to a greater extent than might otherwise be possible – not only at the time of your passing, but right now as well!

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Donate Your Vehicle

Retire your ride.

Do you have a late-model, well-maintained, certifiable, and serviceable vehicle that you no longer need? Want to see it put to good use AND receive a valuable tax credit at the same time?

Much like the aircraft flown by MAF overseas, your previously enjoyed vehicle can be used to help provide transportation here at home. Only this time, it will be used by the men and women who have dedicated so much to serving the needs of the world’s poor.

Have a vehicle that might suit our needs?

Call our development department toll-free at 1.877.351.9344, or e-mail us.

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Donate Your Plane

Let us put it to use in the service of others.

Depending on the condition, we’ll use it as-is, restore it back to life, sell it for cash, or use it for parts. Regardless, your gift will be helping children and families while providing you with a significant tax credit.

Have a plane you’re not using any more?

Call our development department at 1.877.351.9344, or click here to learn more.

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