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Isolation has become a global phenomenon

Suddenly, our world has turned upside down.

When 2020 began, most of us never expected to be working at home while homeschooling our children at the dining room table, visiting grocery stores with empty shelves, or worrying about how a deadly virus could affect our elderly friends and relatives.

Perhaps the biggest challenge has become the shared experience of isolation from friends, family, and colleagues.

But sadly, for millions around the world, isolation is a way of life.

For many of them, the nearest medical clinic, market, or feeding centre may be several days away by foot.

They are the reason that MAF exists, and they are the reason we continue flying today.

Consider a gift today that can help keep MAF flying to the most isolated and vulnerable communities during this time.

Click here to read a statement from MAF Canada’s Crisis Response Team regarding COVID-19 safety policies and quarantine measures.

In big ways and small, MAF and our partners are continuing to affect change in the lives of people during this pandemic. Click on each thumbnail below to read or watch updates on MAF’s COVID-19 responses.


Your gift today can help provide additional flights that are helping save lives during this pandemic.