MAF is making preparations to fly and to help improve the airstrip infrastructure in that country.

We’re excited to announce that MAF is making preparations to fly in Myanmar.

‘MAF Myanmar’ has now registered in the country and we are building relationships and developing the necessary permissions to commence a flight operation that will allow us to accomplish MAF’s vision and purpose.

We are looking to partner with the Civil Aviation Authority on remote airstrip development to be a part of assessing, building and maintaining airstrips in critically remote areas of the country.

have also been taking place in many parts of the country, identifying places and locations of airstrips which would support remote communities meeting development, humanitarian, spiritual and medical assistance needs.

of these isolated communities are already excited about the thought of what MAF can offer them.

‘Praise God for this good news. We hope and pray that the Lord will continue to guide MAF until all the remaining steps are met with success and joy.’

– Villagers at Lailenpi, Myanmar