MAF in Indonesia

MAF provides vital aviation and radio communications services to churches, Christian missions and NGOs

Because of the vast size of Indonesia, MAF’s operation is divided into two distinct regions.


Indonesia is seperated Indonesia’s province of Kalimantan occupies the largest portion of the island of Borneo and remains largely undeveloped. The geographical and logistical barriers are forbidding.

Dense rain forests, impenetrable mountains and the absence of roads limit access to the Gospel and life-sustaining services such as health clinics and secondary education, leaving villages isolated.

MAF enables ministry groups to bring the Gospel and basic, life-sustaining services to otherwise inaccessible regions of Indonesia.

MAF began to serve mission groups and the emerging indigenous churches of East Kalimantan from its base in Tarakan in 1969, and is now the only western mission organisation remaining in the area to serve village churches led by Kalimantan pastors.

MAF opened its Palangkaraya floatplane base, in Central Kalimantan, in the mid-1990s to serve missionaries and a medical clinic in the interior. This base also provides flight service to isolated villages along four major river systems.

Today, the team provides much-needed flight services, and maximises opportunities to minister in ways not available to other mission agencies.

Aviation allows MAF to establish and develop relationships with a broad cross-section of society, enabling:

  • Theological education by extension, church conferences and outreach teams
  • Pastor training in remote locations, student transport to Bible schools, and the placement of ministerial students in remote villages for internships
  • Support for medical clinics in remote villages, as well as emergency medical evacuations
  • Community development projects, surveys, conservation
  • Delivery of materials to improve church buildings, hydroelectric systems, schools, local businesses, and homes
  • Transport of goods, medicines and school supplies.


MAF has served Papua since 1952, reaching more than 250 ethnic groups by supporting churches and mission efforts, and providing medical assistance, community development, education, crisis relief, and the training and leadership development of Papuans.

With basic services such as education and medical care unavailable in remote areas, countless Papuans suffer from treatable medical conditions such as chronic malaria, skin fungi and malnutrition.

Unreached people groups on the western half of the island live hidden away in rainforests, mountains, and swamps.

So, from six bases, MAF reaches deep into the interior to bring the Gospel and improve the quality of life for isolated Papuans who have no other way to reach the outside world.

Our three email hubs and communication networks help over 60 missions and humanitarian agencies to increase their efficiency and effectiveness as they seek to meet the country’s needs.

MAF has transported us to our ministry at Mulia for 56 years and counting. We are very grateful to MAF for making the ministry to the Dani people possible.

Lorraine Dillinger,

Kalimantan, Indonesia

Main base


Program began


Aircraft used

Cessna 185 (x2)
Cessna 206 (x3)
Quest Kodiak 100 (x3)


17 international

Did you know?

We served 19,811 passengers across 51 locations in 2014, and work with 10 partner organisations

Main partners

Gospel Tabernacle Church of Indonesia
Indonesian Protestant Christian Church
Wycliffe Bible Translators

Papua, Indonesia

Main base


Program began


Aircraft used

Cessna 206 (x4)
Cessna 208 (x5)
Quest Kodiak 100 (x4)


37 international
117 national

Did you know?

We served 43,172 passengers across 179 locations in 2014, and work with 58 partner organisations

serving in Indonesia

Darren & Janna BERG

Darren & Janna BERG
Advisor & math teacher at Papua Hope Language Institute

James and Kristina Braim

James & Kristina BRAIM
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Jeremy & Lindsay BRAZEAU

Jeremy & Lindsay BRAZEAU
Teachers (both)

Greg & Julie DOLE

Greg & Julie DOLE

Ben & Amy EADIE

Ben & Amy EADIE
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Jonathan and Melissa Neudorf

Jonathan & Melissa NEUDORF

Chris and Julene UGANECZ

Chris & Julene UGANECZ