MAF in Canada (PATC)

MAF Canada has long had a close relationship with Prairie School of Mission Aviation, with many of our Pilots being graduates of the school. In 2018, MAF Canada assumed management of the school which was re-branded as Prairie Aviation Training Centre.

Prairie Aviation Training Centre exists to train mature Christian aviation professionals to serve Gods kingdom though aviation. Located in Three Hills, Canada, the flight program is a department of Prairie College (Prairie Bible Institute) which has a long history of sending missionaries to the ends of the earth. This passion for impacting the world has carried on into the aviation program as PATC partners with missions such as MAF, AIM and others to provide exceptional training.

Students are mentored and trained by staff with considerable experience in overseas missions and the commercial industry. Not only do students build flight experience in various aircraft types (Cessna 172, Cessna 182R, Citabria & Seneca II) but they gain real-life practical lessons from those who have gone before them and served in many of the places they could find themselves in after graduation.

Since PATC began operations in 1992, the program has seen hundreds of men and women come through its doors and gone on to serve as flight instructors, charter, airline, medevac or mission in Canada and internationally. In 2018 the program officially came under the management of MAF-Canada in order to improve its quality, efficiency and international impact!  With the global need for professional Christian pilots only growing, PATC has great potential to take the love of Christ literally around the world!

Hearing the instructors’ personal testimonies and learning from their experiences has added a level of mentorship and instilled a passion for mission aviation into the training program rather than mere professional flight instruction.

Aviation Student

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Main base

Three Hills, Alberta

Program began

2018 (as PATC)

Aircraft used

Cessna 172
Cessna 182R
Seneca II

MAF Staff


Did you know?

PATC began as Prairie School of Mission Aviation in 1992.

Main partners


I graduated from Prairie’s Mission Aviation Program in the mid- 90’s and appreciated so much how it prepared me for ministry. Over the 11 years I spent flying with Mission Aviation Fellowship in Northern Africa I often remembered the great lessons I learned while flying here in Three Hills. It’s a privilege now to be back at Prairie helping train the next generation of pilots for ministry.

Whether they end up flying in remote parts of the world or here in Canada, it is PATC’s desire that students use their flying skills as an opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever they go.

Kalvin Hildebrandt,
Director of Prairie Aviation Training Centre

serving at PATC (Canada)

James & Kristna BRAIM
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Dallas & Karen DERKSEN
Pilot Instructor

Kalvin & Dorilee HILDEBRANDT
PATC Program Director / Pilot

Tim & Barb HUEBNER
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Richard & Jennifer MARPLES
Pilot Instructor

Bev & Donna PREATER
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Rick & Tracey REMPEL
Pilot Instructor

Alex & April SCHLIECK
Pilot Instructor (April)
IT Specialist (Alex)

Bert & Kathy THOMAS
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer