Arnhem Land

A hot, humid, remote and physically demanding area in the north-east of Australia’s Northern Territory

The Aboriginal reserve, established in 1931, is home to around 16,000 indigenous people. MAF delivers basic supplies, food and resources, and enables indigenous believers to spread the Gospel in a region where drugs, alcoholism and abuse are rife.

Of the 13 aircraft, 7 are owned by the Yolŋu themselves and operated by MAF on their behalf.

MAF families are almost the only external Christian influence in the area – providing a professional aviation service and an effective witness to Arnhem Land’s people.

Our Technology Services team shows the Jesus film, provides Christian resources using mobile phone technology, and distributes Bibles and Good News DVDs.

MAF is a lifeline in Arnhem Land. Places like Yilpara, you can’t get here by vehicle because the road is too slippery and muddy, and you’ll get bogged down – especially in the wet season. The only way you can get here is by MAF.

– Gerard, Yolŋu evangelist and MAF co-worker

Main base


Program began


Aircraft used

Cessna 206 (x4)
Cessna 210 (x1)
GA-8 Airvan (x8)


28 international
5 national

Did you know?

We served 24,215 passengers across 65 locations in 2014, and work with 101 partner organisations

Main partners

Anglican Church of Australia
Assemblies of God
Church Mission Society
Galiwinku Bible Translation Project
Pioneers Australia
Wycliffe Bible Translators