Copilot-coffee-packageHelp promote the work and ministry of Mission Aviation Fellowship from the comfort of your living room by hosting an MAF Co-Pilot Coffee

MAF supporters provide for the needs of MAF’s ministry through their prayers and finances. Now there’s a new way to help!

It’s called the MAF Co-Pilot Coffee and it’s a great way to help promote the ministry of MAF to your family, friends, small church group, or service club.

If you’re already an MAF Ministry Partner and support the work that an MAF missionary family is doing with MAF through your prayers or donations, you might want to use the Co-Pilot Coffee as a way of helping to further promote the work they are doing with MAF when they’re home on furlough.

Hosting an MAF Co-Pilot Coffee on behalf of an MAF missionary family is a great way to help support the work of MAF that they are involved in by giving the family new opportunities to share their experiences and the needs of MAF with people they may otherwise never meet.

Not an MAF Ministry Partner? Even if you don’t support an MAF missionary directly, you can still use an MAF Co-Pilot Coffee to share the ministry of MAF with your circle of friends, family, or colleagues.

The Co-Pilot Coffee kit contains invitations, a helpful party planner, an exciting and informative video presentation, and more.

If followed properly, the entire Co-Pilot Coffee portion of your get-together is designed to take no longer than 1 hour, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy coffee and desserts and the fellowship of your friends, co-workers, or family – all while knowing that you’ve helped share the work of MAF with others who can help.

Imagine the difference a single hour can make in the lives of so many overseas! What’s more, you’ll also receive a FREE MAF travel mug just for hosting your evening. What a deal!

To order your FREE Co-Pilot Coffee kit, complete the form to the right or call us Toll-Free at 1.877.351.9344.


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Co-Pilot Coffee Form

Please note that delivery of MAF Canada's Co-Pilot Coffee kits are only available to Canadian addresses.

We won't hold you to this, but when were you thinking about holding your MAF Co-Pilot Coffee?

Your MAF Co-Pilot Coffee kit comes with 12 invitations for you to distribute to those you wish to invite. If you would like to receive additional invitations, please enter the additional quantity here:

Download HD versions of the MAF Co-Pilot Coffee Videos

Your Co-Pilot Coffee kit will include a DVD with a selection of our more popular short presentation videos.

If you are making your presentation using a device that does not have a DVD drive, or you prefer to use HD versions of the videos, click here to be directed to our video downloads page (videos are in .mp4 format).

Download some recipes to compliment your MAF Co-Pilot Coffee

What could possibly go better with a cup of coffee than some fresh baked goods – especially when the recipes have come from MAF staff around the world.

If you are looking for something new to try, click here to download our Co-Pilot Coffee recipes.