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We’re excited you’ve chosen to partner with us to see Jesus made famous around the world. There’s so much to do, but together, we can accomplish much.

Use the form on this page to order materials, or request an MAF presentation. Additionally, feel free to visit our downloads page for videos and other self-help items.

Again – thanks for your interest in partnering with MAF to see our world changed!

Promotional Posters

Our full-colour posters are updated annually and are perfect for youth rooms and bulletin boards.

Promotional Handouts

Want to encourage your congregants to have a better understanding of the challenges overseas missionaries face? Want to encourage them to  pray for the needs of the missionaries your church supports? We can make information handouts and bulletin inserts available for distribution as part of a missions Sunday or other related services like our own annual Day of Prayer.

Flying for Life: MAF Canada’s Quarterly Publication

Request a quantity of MAF Canada’s publication for distribution within your church or at your information area. This full-colour quarterly publication features stories from Canadian and international MAF missionaries, as well as those representing the partner organizations and individuals we serve.

MAF Youth Materials

Want some interactive and exciting FREE resources for your Youth group? Designed for teens and those who work with them, MAF Youth materials are full of social activities designed to foster discussion and action. Additionally, the MAF Youth publication is geared towards teens and is packed with powerful stories from the field that are designed to help deepen their faith walk.

Children’s Activity Books

Perfect for pre-school and lower primary school ages, these MAF activity books will provide hours of fun while helping young minds appreciate the work and impact of global missionaries.

MAF Jerrycan Coin Box

Fuel Change! Looking for a unique way to raise funds for MAF’s work around the world? Request and distribute our Jerrycan Coinboxes. Use them with a youth or Sunday School program, or distribute them among families.

Please enter the address information and contact details for the church where the MAF materials will be sent. If you have the time, please complete the brief surey at the bottom which will help us better understand the needs and expectations of our partner churches.

Church Relations Form

Please note that the MAF Church materials in print form are only available to Canadian churches.




Promotional Posters (delivered annually)

Promotional Handouts (delivered annually)

Flying for Life Publication (delivered quarterly)

MAF Youth Materials (delivered semi-annually)

Children's Activity Books

Jerrycan Coinboxes

Church Presentation

Church Presentation
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