Every story starts somewhere . . .
But for many, where it begins is also where it ends.
The stories of people around the world come with a predictably heartbreaking end for many of them—simply because of where they were born.

People living in remote jungles, rugged mountains, and vast deserts, are cut off from medical care, education, clean water, community development, and hope.

We believe that people living in isolation have the same potential as anyone else. Given the chance, many could go on to accomplish the incredible. They can rewrite their stories—they can change the course of their families, their communities, and even the world. All they need is an opportunity.

With the help of people like you, MAF has been changing endings for over 70 years!
Join us in this global effort!
For thousands around the world, the simple fact that they were born geographically isolated means they face a predictable ending.

But what if there was a simple way to change that?

What if all they needed was an opportunity?

We believe every person has unlimited potential whether they live in London, New York, Sydney, or in remote jungles or rugged mountains and deserts. We believe every person deserves the chance at a better life regardless of where they live.

All they need is an opportunity.

Help them change the ending.

We're Mission Aviation Fellowship, and we overcome barriers to help countless communities change their endings.
MAF is a global, non-profit, faith based organisation that for over 70 years, has used aviation and technology to reach isolated people around the world. We partner with hundreds of organizations to reach people who would otherwise be unreachable—bringing life-saving medical care, food, doctors, aid workers, missionaries, disaster relief, community development, and more to some of the most remote places on the planet.

You can help change the ending. We're inviting you to partner with us to help Change the Ending to enable isolated people to overcome the barriers standing between them and a better future.

In fact, with almost 75 years of experience, we've gotten pretty good at it (even if we do say so ourselves).
With your support, we can change the ending.
All it takes is a small airplane and people who care.

People just like you.
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