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About the MAF Canada Business Club
The Purpose

The MAF Business Club is an invitation for local business leaders and community influencers across Canada to participate in the fundraising of special MAF projects that will help change the lives of isolated and vulnerable people throughout the world.

The Plan

After local chapters are created, quarterly meetings will be held at local leader’s places of business. These meetings will provide information on MAF ministry needs around the world, and how this group of leaders can make a difference by partnering with MAF.

The project

We offer life-saving flights in some of the world’s most isolated places.

We’re asking Canadian business leaders to come alongside us to help make additional flights like these possible through financial support of a dedicated project.

Watch the Video
Learn more about how the MAF Business Club is being used to help change the ending for communities in the African nation of Angola.
For thousands around the world, the simple fact that they were born geographically isolated means they face a predictable ending.

But what if there was a simple way to change that?
What if all they needed was an opportunity?

We believe every person has unlimited potential whether they live in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, or in remote jungles or rugged mountains and deserts. We believe every person deserves the chance at a better life regardless of where they live.

All they need is an opportunity.

Through the MAF Business Club, you can help them change the ending for themselves.

Linking communities in need with those that can help

Each community is different. Some communities in Angola, West Africa for example, have not seen a doctor in 10 years, while others have no access to clean water. Still others don’t have consistent education for school aged children.

The MAF Business Club helps to fund flights that bring Doctors, nurses, teachers, and pastors to impoverished and isolated communities, as well as survey flights for development workers that help pinpoint locations for development projects like wells and schools that can help have a lasting impact.

We work with the communities overseas to identify their needs, and we measure the success of the outputs that each MAF Business Club chapter is trying to achieve based on criteria identified by the communities they are linked with themselves.
Spiritual Nurture
Clean Water
Social Wellbeing
With the help of people like you, MAF has been changing endings of communities like these for over 70 years!
Through the MAF Business Club, you can join us in this global effort!
We're Mission Aviation Fellowship, and we overcome barriers to help communities change their endings.
All it takes is a small airplane and people who care.

People like you.

Join Us!
Learn more about your local MAF Business Club and join us at our next meeting
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How to Give
By cheque
Send a cheque made payable to Mission Aviation Fellowship

Mission Aviation Fellowship of Canada
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By phone
Call us toll-free at 1.877.351.9344
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9am - 5pm, Mon-Fri (Eastern Time)
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Interested in starting a local MAF Business Club chapter?
Contact Alex Henderson toll-free
at 1.877.351.9344, or by email;
ahenderson [at]