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About the MAF Canada Business Club

The Purpose

The MAF Business Club is an invitation for local business leaders and community influencers across Canada to participate in the fundraising of special MAF projects that will help change the lives of isolated and vulnerable people throughout the world.

The Plan

After local chapters are created, triannual meetings will be held at local leader’s places of business. These meetings will provide information on MAF ministry needs around the world, and how this group of leaders can make a difference by partnering with MAF.

The Project

We offer life-saving flights in some of the world’s most isolated places.

We’re asking Canadian business leaders to come alongside us to help make additional flights like these possible through financial support of a dedicated project.

Meet President of Impel Transport & MAF Business Club member, Neil Hamm

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Learn more about how the MAF Business Club is being used to help change the ending for communities in the African nation of Angola.

For thousands around the world, the simple fact that they were born geographically isolated means they face a predictable ending.

But what if there was a simple way to change that?

What if all they needed was an opportunity?

We believe every person has unlimited potential whether they live in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, or in remote jungles or rugged mountains and deserts. We believe every person deserves the chance at a better life regardless of where they live.

All they need is an opportunity.

Through the MAF Business Club, you can help them change the ending for themselves.

Linking communities in need with those that can help

Each community is different. Some communities in Angola, West Africa for example, have not seen a doctor in 10 years, while others have no access to clean water. Still others don’t have consistent education for school aged children.

The MAF Business Club helps to fund flights that bring Doctors, nurses, teachers, and pastors to impoverished and isolated communities, as well as survey flights for development workers that help pinpoint locations for development projects like wells and schools that can help have a lasting impact.

We work with the communities overseas to identify their needs, and we measure the success of the outputs that each MAF Business Club chapter is trying to achieve based on criteria identified by the communities they are linked with themselves.

Spiritual Nurture
Clean Water
Social Wellbeing

With the help of people like you, MAF has been changing endings of communities like these for over 70 years!

Through the MAF Business Club, you can join us in this global effort!

The Vision

Angola is a country that is devastated by war and unrest. With almost no road access to many parts of the country, the Angola people struggle to thrive in communities that are isolated and neglected. Our vision is to see the MAF Business Club come alongside one of the most isolated regions within Angola to help support the life-saving, life-changing work that MAF is bringing to isolated communities. This Business Club will “Change the Ending” of thousands of people’s stories in eastern Angola.

The Work

It is in the farthest and most remote regions that the Angola Civil War was waged, and the land and people still bear the scars of this conflict. In most of rural Angola, there is little to no access to healthcare, almost no sustained community development, there are nearly no roads, the land is covered in landmines, and now drought has created food and water shortages.

MAF has been actively working in Angola for over 30 years, but there is still so much more work to do and we need your help.

In a single year of operation in the Angola province of Cuando Cubango for example, MAF helped bring HALO Trust in this community to remove the landmines hidden beneath the ground and we have enabled 36 church ministry training meetings with more than 3000 future church leaders in attendance so that the gospel can take hold. Nearly 500 people have regained their sight through mobile cataract surgery and nearly 600 patients were treated for diseases that are often preventable in Canada.

We flew critically ill patients to the hospital and supported women’s health initiatives to combat the shame and stigma attached to fistula patients. The blind receive sight, the sick are healed, and those who do not know Jesus are being reached.

God is changing the ending for people in Cuando Cubango through MAF and now we want to see this work mirrored in other parts of rural Angola.

Our Goal

God is in the business of changing the ending of peoples’ stories: where there is sickness He can bring healing; where there is hopelessness, He can bring hope; where there is darkness, He brings light. We know that there is so much room for more work within rural Angola. New runways, new churches, new clinics, but also new opportunities to build-up and support what already exists within these communities and offer immediate relief in times of emergency (like frequent alternating flooding and drought).

We know that we need to (and can) increase the number of flights in our Grand Caravan into rural Angolan communities. The bigger plane (instead of the smaller C182) means more work and more diversified support can reach these people. Instead of only a doctor and supplies or a single pastor, we can take a doctor, medical supplies, an NGO worker, food, relief workers, and church ministers all at the same time, maximizing impact and helping more people.

We are asking you to consider supporting the people of rural Angola through the MAF Winkler Business Club. Your gift towards this total will impact thousands of lives and we reach out to this isolated, war-torn region and increase the presence of MAF and our partners.

Our Commitment

As this work increases, and as more lives are changed, we are going to ensure that you have updates on the work that is happening throughout Angola. Not only are we hoping to provide video updates, pictures, and testimonials, but we also will provide regular impact measurements that will include information like:

  • Aircraft Used
  • Flight Duration and Distance Length
  • Who We Flew
  • All Airstrips Landed Upon and All the Communities we are Supporting
  • Number of passengers
  • Patients or Medical Transfers
  • Cargo Weight
  • Cargo Type
  • Projection of the Number of People Impacted
  • Additional Stories from the Pilots

How your MAF Business Club donations may be used