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Quest Kodiak 100

Power and manoeuvrability combine in this next-generation mission aircraft

Power and manoeuvrability combine in the Kodiak 100, the next-generation mission aircraft. Developed by Quest, the new aircraft is designed to meet the challenges of mission aviation flying.

The Kodiak is a single-engined turbine aircraft, capable of up to 750hp during take-off. This remarkable plane can use the same short, challenging airstrips as the Cessna 206 while transporting twice the cargo!

I’m convinced the Kodiak really is our answer for a turbine-powered aircraft in the most difficult and remote areas of the world.

– Max Gove, MAF Manager of Research and Development

Utilising Jet fuel rather than expensive and increasingly scarce Avgas makes the Kodiak more cost-effective than our Avgas-powered aircraft. The plane also boasts a cruising speed of 212mph.

Our Kodiak 100 aircraft are based in Indonesia. Because of Indonesia’s mountainous terrain and short airstrips, the Kodiak is an ideal tool to bring physical care and spiritual hope to remote communities.


Power and manoeuvrability combine in this next-generation mission aircraft.


Carries up to 9 passengers and 1,219kg supplies


­Cruising speed: 212 mph

Did you know?

MAF Canada helped to provide a much needed Kodiak for MAF’s operation in Ecuador.

Number in worldwide fleet


Places in use


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