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Gippsland GA8 Airvan

Versatile and spacious, the GA8 Airvan is ideal for rugged terrain and gruelling conditions MAF operates in.

If you have to land on a rough runway, this is the aircraft you want to be sitting in.

With a spacious cabin and greater cargo pod capacity, and all the STOL (short take-off and landing) capabilities needed for short bush airstrips, the Airvan is ideal for the rugged terrain where we operate. It can take off to clear a height of over 15m in only 500m, with a landing distance of 370m.

The GA8 Airvan is a versatile aircraft that helps fulfil MAF’s diverse demands. For the size of the plane that it is, the cargo pod on the GA8 is like Mary Poppin’s bag. You look at a pile of freight and think, ‘How am I going to get that in there?’ and somehow it just disappears in!

– Tim Vallance-Webb, MAF pilot

Our pilots often have to stop at several airstrips throughout the day. With more space available for cargo, the load can be separated for different airstrips, allowing fast and efficient turnaround on the ground. The roomier cabin in the Airvan also makes the journey more comfortable for passengers.

For pilots, the Airvan is ideal for flying in all terrains. MAF Pilot Chris White has been flying the Airvan in PNG for over a year. ‘It really is an awesome machine. I am able to carry at least 50-100kg more than in the 206.’


Versatile and spacious, ideal for rugged terrain and gruelling conditions


Carries up to 7 passengers/500kg supplies


­Cruising speed: 140 mph

Number in worldwide fleet


Places in use

Arnhem Land
Papua New Guinea

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