C208 Caravan / C208B Grand Caravan

The turbine-powered 208 Caravan and its stretched variant the 208B Grand-Caravan allow large payloads to be carried over great distances

The Cessna 208 Caravan has become the backbone of MAF’s fleet and provides a great combination of range, capacity and flexibility.

The simple design and construction, along with a reliable Pratt and Whitney turbine engine which runs on Jet fuel, combine to keep maintenance time and costs to a minimum.

To suit rough airstrips, the Caravans are fitted with sturdy landing gear, larger tires, mud flaps, rubber scraper for the nose tire, and slighter longer nose gear to help prevent mud and rocks being thrown into the propeller when landing.

Right now, there is simply no other single engine aircraft in the category of a Caravan which is better suited for the work in South Sudan.

– Roland Sedlmeier, MAF pilot

Fully equipped for instrument flying, with GPS, weather radar and Stormscope, the Caravan is reliable and can still operate safely in more challenging conditions such as storms or during the rainy season.

In Mongolia for example, where ground temperatures can drop as low as -40ºC in winter, the Grand Caravan is fitted with full de-icing equipment.


The turbine-powered 208 Caravan and its stretched variant the 208B Grand Caravan allow large payloads to be carried over great distances.


Carries up to 13 passengers (208B) and 1,150kg supplies


­Cruising speed: 170 mph

Did you know?

Caravans are popular sky diving aircraft! Before you ask, it’s not something we offer…

Number in worldwide fleet

9 (208)
20 (208B)

Places in use

DR Congo
Papua New Guinea
South Sudan

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