MAF flights enhance evangelistic efforts in southern Liberia, where roads poor and often unuseable.

Driven by its objective to ‘empower Liberians to be used by God for His purposes…to evangelize, disciple, train spiritual leaders, and start churches’, Wordsower Liberia is a thriving hub of teaching, mentoring, equipping, and so much more.

Started by American Kim Smith when he arrived in the country eleven years ago, the organization has grown in size and in impact as opportunities for outreach have arisen in sometimes unexpected ways. He shares about a breakthrough the team has experienced over recent months. ‘I was in an unreached Muslim village. They had been telling our indigenous missionary team that they were not welcome in their village because they did not want Christians. Almost every one of the villages in this region of three unreached Muslim tribes said the same thing,’ explains Kim. ‘But, our Lord showed us His plans, the key that would open every one of these villages. Now every one of these villages that said “no”, emphatically say “yes”. The discovered key is adult literacy training. Most of the adults do not know how to read and most of the children have not attended school. They beg to know how to read and write English, the national language. They say, we will listen to you about Jesus and the Bible if you teach us “book”.’

In November 2019, a team from Valley Bible Church in California flew with MAF from Monrovia to Zwedru, for a 10-day visit to Wordsower. ‘The team brought many manuals of different levels of literacy training material that is evangelistic,’ Kim continues. ‘They trained our indigenous missionary team how to teach the material. Then we all went to several villages of these tribes, introduced the material, evangelized, and showed the Jesus Film. Every village and town we went to agreed to have us start the literacy training with them, knowing that we would also teach about Jesus and the Bible.’

Later that month, MAF was also able to carry four boxes of projection equipment for Wordsower, to further increase their capability to show the Jesus film, a vital part of their ministry. Two boxes went to Zwedru, and two went to the coastal town of Harper, to equip some evangelists Kim has connected with from there. Using the most up-to-date technology, the relevant translation of the film is loaded onto an SD card, which fits into a small, battery-powered projector, and connects to a speaker for sound. The whole kit fits into a box which is manageable for one person to carry, making it a practical, powerful tool for the work. Wordsower staff regularly show the film to groups of 500 people or more at a time, in villages, at churches, and even in a nearby refugee camp that is home to approximately 5000 Ivorians. Kim is very grateful that the equipment could make the journey by plane, as roads between the capital and the south east are of very poor quality and sometimes are unusable. Had the boxes come overland, ‘we might have just had junk by the time they arrived’ he says.

Kim has also set up a printing press at Wordsower, so that his team has all the resources needed for their evangelism, church-planting and discipleship work. Local staff have been trained to use it, and have the capacity to turn out as many as 30,000 pages in a day. As well training materials for Wordsower staff, the press is also used to produce manuals on discipleship, how to start and run a church, and the foundational Biblical doctrines, for distribution as far and wide as possible. Spare parts for the machinery, as well as paper for the documents are regularly among the freight loaded onto the plane. ‘MAF has flown US visitors, our staff, medical patients, barrels shipped from the USA, press parts, generators, items large, small and fragile,’ lists Kim. He appreciates the partnership we share; and as Wordsower Liberia presses on to reach its goal, MAF appreciates the opportunity to support the work.

Story and Photos by Katie Machell