No Doctors. No Roads. No 911.

If you or someone you love is sick or injured, and the nearest hospital is a
3-day walk across mountains, rivers, or vast deserts, you’re thankful for MAF;
and a 10-minute flight that can mean the difference between life and death.

MAF provides countless individuals in thousands of isolated communities around the world with the means to provide a better life for themselves and their families, and access to the help they need in times of crisis.

our mission:

Sharing God’s love through aviation and technology.

our vision:

Isolated people physically and spiritually transformed in Christ’s name.

Why do we do it?

Because we can.

It’s simple really…

We do it because others can’t or won’t.

We do it because liking something on Facebook just won’t get it done.

And we do it because we’re serious about fulfilling the Great Commission.

We do it because we believe that no one is beyond the reach of God’s love.

In fact, we believe it so much,
that in 2015 alone…

Flights Made
Passengers Carried
Kilograms Carried
Kilometers Flown

Latest News

A newly reopened airstrip provides access for an urgent medevac

A newly reopened airstrip provides access for an urgent medevac in PNG

Story and Photos by Anton Lutz

It was the second to last day of the month, and Airvan pilot Remi van Wermeskerken was already on a 10 hour extension to fly over the normally allowed monthly MAF flight hours limit. Customer requests were […]

MAF Works to Help Combat Mosquito-Borne Illnesses

MAF Works with Partners to Prevent the Spread of mosquito-borne disease including Zika virus

Story and Photos by Kim Job and Deborah Moser

What creature causes the most human deaths every year? A shark, a snake or perhaps tapeworm, might be your first guess. But with an estimated 725,000 deaths each year caused by mosquito […]

Researching Suspected Abuse by Peace-Keeping Forces

MAF Provides Flights for Humanitarian Action Group to combat sexual abuse and exploitation

Story and Photos by Kim Job and Deborah Moser

There is a famous saying, that says, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Around the world today there are many places of need where organisations are working to help. There are nations in […]

A Helping Hand for Disabled Children in Timor-Leste

MAF Missionary Wives Arrange for Disabled Children to Visit MAF Hangar in Timor-Leste

Story and Photos by Kim Job and Deborah Moser

When God calls a pilot or an engineer to serve Him by working with MAF that often means He is calling a spouse and even a family too. The worldwide MAF family is […]

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How MAF Helps….


Medevac and
flying doctor services

In addition to providing emergency medevac flights, MAF works to provide isolated communities with access to healthcare through our flying doctor services. We also help stem the tide of disease and sickness by distributing mosquito netting and vaccines.


Evangelism and
missionary work

Because we believe that every individual is important to God. We work with local pastors, missionaries, and missions groups to deliver the Good News of God’s love for them in word and deed; helping to provide hope and healing for both body and soul.

Disaster relief

Disaster relief, emergency
flights, and refugee care

When disaster strikes and people are cut off from the help they need. When communities are devastated by famine or drought. MAF works with hundreds of partner organizations to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of thousands of communities in over 30 of the world’s poorest countries.

Clean Water

Clean water and
community development

It all starts with sanitation and access to clean water. Without it community development can’t begin as crops fail, livestock become ill, and people die. MAF works with agencies and community leaders to improve the lives of people by helping to provide access to this most essential and critical thing.

Avada Admin

Vaccinations and
preventative care

MAF delivers vaccines to remote areas, protecting children against polio, diphtheria, measles, and other illnesses. The speed and efficiency of MAF aircraft allows this precious cargo to reach remote villages in hours instead of days, ensuring that the “cold chain” is not broken and vaccinations remain effective.


Infant, midwifery, and
postnatal care

In many developing countries where MAF operates, a pregnant woman may walk several days in the hopes of seeing a doctor. This at a time when she and her unborn child are most vulnerable. MAF helps bridge the gap between those in need and the doctors, nurses, and midwives who are able to help.

Immediate Needs: A Replacement Engine for our Caravan in Angola

In regions without passable roads, MAF can reduce a doctor’s all-day trek by foot to a mere 20-minute flight, or provide a single flight that can haul a half-ton of cargo into an area that would otherwise require a train of pack animals, several guides, and weeks of grueling effort to reach by land. When you are the only lifeline around, it’s critical that your aircraft are properly maintained. That’s why we place such a high standard on maintenance, making our aircraft among the safest and best maintained in the world.

We currently have roughly 85% but need the remaining $84,000 in order to purchase, transport, and install this new engine so as to minimize the downtime and the impact on ministry flying that it will cause.

Our aircraft in Angola provide the only access to thousands of families who depend on remote and isolated rural health clinics.

While our two smaller 182’s are ideal for transporting clinic workers and doctors, they simply can’t carry the cargo needed to stock and resupply these remote clinics with life-saving medicines.

Despite our aggressive maintenance schedule, MAF’s Caravan in Angola has run out of engine calendar life and is currently grounded as a result. The cost of procuring, shipping, and installing a replacement engine is expected to be roughly $575,000 with the cost of the engine alone at $508,000.

Thank you for considering this need.


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